Fenix A320 auto pilot disengages and won’t turn back on

PLS explain more clearly what U did ? Thanks

Referring to the auto pilot disconnecting on me in the fenix, I noticed sometimes I was at too steep of an attack after rotating and engaging auto pilot.

It happened to me several times. Most recently it happened when my cat decided to lie down on my keyboard. I don’t know what she pressed exactly but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the AP to re-engage. I wonder if this is how the real plane behaves - refuses to turn on the AP and doesn’t give you any message explaining what’s wrong. :rage: :rage: :rage: Needless to say, I don’t think it ever happened with the FBW A320.

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Thank you so much. I restarted so many flights because of the AP bug, all I had to do was move my rudder.

For some reason the rudder gets stuck in place after the glitch happens.

Can some one help me on this on the fenix a320 set all the mdcu up for flight plan off navigrath calibrated the throttles and once am in the air auto pilot will not engage. Then after so many thousand feet I’ve change thottles to CL . Then most times the plane keeps climbing even so I’ve selected the right alittude. Can’t see were are going wrong I use a Xbox controller and pc mouse . Maybe a old post but can some one tell me what am doing wrong I no on take off I have to control both rudders as it would pull to one side . Any help on this thanks

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum and I’m seeking some assistance regarding my experience with the Fenix A320 aircraft that I recently purchased on MSFS. I’ve been facing difficulties with managing the autopilot, especially when ATC instructs me to change my heading. I can’t seem to disengage the autopilot easily to manually adjust my direction.

While watching YouTube videos, I noticed that users had an up or down arrow next to each autopilot button, but I don’t have those indicators. So, I would appreciate your help in understanding how to properly manage the autopilot, especially when I have a flight plan activated.

Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions!

Well there is lots to go over but from reading your post I think I can shed some light to help you in the right direction.

You have an active flight plan and autopilot is engaged and the plane is following the plane accordingly it sounds like. Your question is when ATC gives you a heading or vectors you, you’re having issues with getting the plan to fly that heading? Or how to make that happen

There is two knobs to the left of the auto pilot button. One is for the speed and the other for heading. (Slipping on technical names so just describing)

If you see “ - - -“ and no number value that indicates the plane is “managed mode”. It will fly the speed/speed constraints that is reflected in your flight plan as well as heading. It will fly to what ever way points are imputed via the flight plan.

The other option is to select manual mode. You can do that by hovering you mouse near the bottom of the knob and you will see an arrow pointing down (indicating by clicking will “pull the knob out” going into manual mode”

In manual mode you can manually select the speed or if you select manual mode on the heading knob you can select your heading

So if you were flying and ATC gave you a heading to fly you could click the heading knob switching it to manual mode, dial in the heading and the plane when simply follow what ever heading you dial to


You can go in an out of managed and manual mode all you want while flying with auto pilot engaged. Just remember manual mode for speed or heading is where you select the value and managed is when the plane will follow what ever you have programmed in the FMC for the route, way points, constraints.

Hopefully this wasn’t to confusing and can help a little. Ask for any clarification… also maybe someone can chime in with more experience .

Best of luck!

To answer this specifically. You don’t have to disengage auto pilot to change heading. Just click the heading knob (while auto pilot is engaged still) and dial in the heading you want and the plane will fly that.

fenix a320 all fight plan set up and imported from the tablet int set up performance set up and soon as i take like i just done before auto pilot will not engage 1 are 2 ive nocked fd off back on throttles are set to CL still will not engage any idear were am going wrong its driving me crazy

Maybe you can take 5 seconds to writer proper sentences. Might make someone more inclined to want to help.

I apologies but I am not understanding anything you just wrote. Please re explain what you’re asking and I can see if I can provide more help.