Fenix A320: Is simrate acceleration available?

I hope they add 4x in the upcoming update.

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What’s the … ahem … Rush?

I’ll see myself out.

Haha. Nice! You got the Lerxtwood / YYZ connection. I salute you!

:open_mouth: I actually missed that part! I had just listened to YYZ a couple hours before looking up how to sim rate in the Fenix

Haha. Nice. I fly with a VA and there are several awesome Canadian dudes in the VA. We routinely fly in and out of CYYZ and I made a couple Rush comments to them. Before their time… :slight_smile: So, I had to start tossing them concert vids and doing my part to spread the Good Rush News… :+1:

I’d love it!
It’s my favorite plane but I sometimes go to my number two (PMDG 737) because for longer flights, even 2x is not enough. If you work full time like I do and you have a household, it really makes longer range evening flights after work difficult.

I don’t think it should be too difficult to increase fuel burn, daytime acceleration and all of that. Of couse weight and balace + winds etc… have to be calculated asa well but since other high fidelity airplanes (PMDG 737) can do it I think Fenic would please their customers a lot! :smiley: (only upo to 8x works kind of smooth for me on the PMDG 737, 16x is really laggy with like 2-5fps… also before upgrading to 32GB ram, I could only use 4x if that info is of any use to someone)

Also the ingame time acceleration doesn’t work with the Fenix A320.

Still my fav plane in the sim by far.

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Has anything changed in just released V2? I am holding on purchase until they have at least 4x … Thanks!

Yes, the lack of time acceleration is the only reason I’m staying away from Fenix. It’s a dealbreaker for me as I simply don’t have the patience to sit in front of my computer staring at the screen while the plane is in cruise on autopilot. Until this issue is sorted I’m happy with the 737 from PMDG.

I just checked the V2 release and it looks like 2X is still the max sim rate supported:

Thank you very much for posting! Well, I hoped … but no Felix Airbus for me yet. Thanks!

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TBH I think you’re missing out on an amazing addon. It is still my favorite overall.

The V (as of writing is amazing and so much more fun! The Sim Rate thing is still the same but the Aircraft overall if way more amzing!

Even without the ability to increase it more than 2x I would still highly recommend the Aircraft. You can really feel the quality. I’d even say the + - 60 bucks are better spent on the Fenix A320 than on the PMDG 737 (I like both planes though and have the 737-7 and the -9).

If your PC is lower end or older middle class (16gb, older processor and maybe something below the 1660TI/super I would stay away from the fenix as it takes quite a hit on performance.

I myself have an I7 10700 and 32GB RAM and the 1660 Super and have to lower some settings for it to run smoothly but it’s totally worth it still

@AntonisGR96 I am very sure Fenix A320 is amazing, but I really do want to fly longer routes … I am “on the fence” even now since I would like to fly a study level Airbus.

As I am a VR only simmer my PC is quite strong (AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 64GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, 2TB NVMe SSD) and I am quite sure it will be fine with Fenix, especially after recent optimizations.

I am thinking about taking the same road I took once with X-Plane: I have written a Lua script that was able to move the airplane to a predefined distance before next waypoint using great circle navigation path and also update fuel quantity and time of the day accordingly (using speed and fuel flow at the starting point). This way one can skip long and boring steps and focus on whatever part of the trip is interesting. I am fairly sure now it is doable in MSFS (just instead of Lua it will be a C# program), and as it would not use SimRate it could work with most airplanes including A320. The one thing I am not sure is if I can modify Fenix A320 fuel quantity. Could someone with access to Fenix A320 try to alter fuel quantity using MSFS weight balance menu and check if it changes fuel quantity in the plane properly (FMS, displays etc)? If it does I can start working on it :slight_smile: .

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I tried it and it somehow messed the flight dynamics up… I wouldnt use the ingame Weight and balance thing.

You can use the EFB that Fenix has in the cockpit though. I don’t know how easy that is in VR since I don’t fly VR but you should do all of your fuel/weights/etc… with the EFB

The only reason I am not buying Fenix A320 is the simrate limit. It is still limited to 2x sim rate and thats too low. As a high priced product, it should have at least 4x and ideally 8x. Complexity of the product is not an excuse while PMDG can do x16 simrate.

Had I known Fenix did not have at a minimum 4x simrate, I would not have purchased it despite it being a top tier product. Until that happens, I’ll stick to products that do. As mentioned in this thread, not all of us can sim for multiple hours and limiting our flights to short haul routes is not an option I’m willing to accept.

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Honsestly, I somewhat agree with you but on the other hand I still have to put the Fenix A320 as my favorite Aircraft. I love the 4x /8x / 16x simrate that the PMDG 737 has but still prefer the Fenix

Everything you want to do just works.
If you don’t have that much time, I recommend shorter routes.
I, for eample, use EDDM - EDDS / LOWI / LOWS / LOWW / EDDF / EDDW / EDDH / etc… for germany (or in some other constillation) and LGAV - LGTS / LGIR / LGRP / LGKV / LGKR / and even LTAI / … (or another constillation) for greece (except the last one since it’s Turkey (Türkiye)) for example.

there are many ways to use the Fenix but I enjoy it at the fullest every time and I have to say, a 30 or 50 minute flight with the Fenix is worth it, especially if you have random failures activated and encounter one while on such a short flight :smiley:

On longer flights I put the simrate at 2 and prepare dinner or do something else in the household (with bluetooth headphones on, in case a failure happens :smiley: … and if it does, it depends on the failure but sometimes it’s kind of stressful :wink: but fun)

Decide for youself what fits you best. Although I think any airbus-lover will fall in love with the fenix, it might not be for everyone since it’s quite a complex system (expecially if you’ve previously flown the default A32Neo)

With the use of sim rate, the whole point of flying a study-level airliner is lost for me. For me a flight must proceed in real time, otherwise i will instantly lose my indulgence. i only use it with a standard plane to check scenery.

So the newest update is here, and still x2 time warp only. Seems like fenix is not listening to customer’s requests

Reading through their Discord, they say it’s “highly requested”, but it doesn’t sound like they are committed to add it anytime soon.

When I spoke with them last year regarding icing I asked about time warp as well and I was told “it’s coming at some point”. I do realise they most likely focus now on bringing to life a319 and a321 - the cash has to flow to keep the company going, but if they say themselves it’s highly requested, I’m not sure what’s the hold up. I’m no IT, but I guess it’s not that complicated to remove warp limiter, is it?
I love their bus. It’s fantastic in every way, but until they get x4 time warp, it will remain parked in my hangar :frowning: for now it is either LatinVFR with Horizon mod or PMDG for me

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