Fenix A320 Overspeed in cruise

Hi all, quite new to the Fenix and been watching lots of videos and attempting now my first flight filed via simbrief and everything was fine with take off and climb but now I’m in cruise I keep getting an over speed fault and autopilot disengages and I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong as I’m in CL detent and speed, heading and altitude in managed mode and if anybody could help that would be appreciated.

Is Auto Throttle engaged?

That’s a good point and although it was before the problem I don’t know if it was disengaged so will need to check next flight. I know when autopilot was still engaged I tried selected speed to reduce and it never reduced so maybe not.

Moved to Third Party, Aircraft. The Fenix A320 is a Third-Party Addon.

I’m getting this, too, and I think it’s due to the SU10 beta; this kind of overspeed condition never happened before SU10. :slight_smile:

getting this same problem, getting me really annoyed. Asked Fenix support and completely ignored it…

Do you guys have Fenix entry in the MSFS Content.xml?