Fenix High-Fidelity A320 for MSFS 2024

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what I am in fear is that the great fenix will be the few non-compatible with the MSFS 2024… which looks to have more realistic and challenging weather…

Well, I wouldn’t fear too much. Plenty of time to enjoy it before it will be released, and even then it might still be usable.

All we know and have seen as of today are missions – the weather is “hand crafted” like the scenery, so all we know is that crazy weather may just be part of the mission and not part of live weather or for “free flight”. That’s what I’m most interested in learning; is this new sim just a bunch of career modes? If yes, then pass. If it’s truly just like MSFS 2020 but with new missions, great – but then again, why a new sim? It’s just mind boggling.

Relax and stop spreading those rumours. MSFS2024 is just MS2020 with a new content and missions. Same engine, same game. Addons will work just fine.

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Technically, it’s a different, standalone game. Presumably, it’s a different game because they’ve had to update or change the engine, but that’s just speculation. The add-ons should all still be 100% compatible though.

Anything that’s not 100% SDK compliant - I wouldn’t be so sure about what does or doesn’t work day 1.

Don´t panic. If it´s not compatible with FS2024 out of the box, it will be updated in one or two years, and back to the (virtual) skies… (V2 is one year in the making now…).

None of you did live the transition between XP10 to XP11? This will be similar for sure. Addons will be 80-90% compatible and developers only will have to adjust them. Only that.
My concern is: what will happen to those of us who decide not to buy the MS2024? Will 3rd party addon developers continue giving support and updates to addons of FS2020?

Well what we are afraid was the 10% incompatible are those deep in systems study level ones, which are the main thing some of us are interested in.

And as for your last question I am afraid most will at most offer support for existing platform and not much new stuffs coming

Don´t worry FS2024 is completely the same with the same folder structure. If you buy and install FS2024 as stand-alone and have the Fenix not install because of “path not found” or other errors the Fenix team will immediatly patch the installer to choose between FS2020 and FS2024 in days :wink:

Doing such a blasphemous act of triple-A-denial is highly unlikely. But people do strange things so it´s not completely impossible. Doing so will lead to heavily outdated graphics, outdated weather models and no up to date graphics clouds, no functional weather radar because the old outdated FS2020 had notoriously no weather radar API support, and no fun and joy in life anymore because of not having the newest greatest and best, and missing out all the superb new weather phenomena and nimbus stratus cirrus and several other features.

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Probably preset/static weather for missions only. Even in MSFS2020 static weather looks 10x better than live weather.

We don’t know if Asobo is planning to release weather API in MSFS2024 or did I miss something? The trailer seems to be aimed at people who want missions and challenges.

MSFS 2024 trailer was released during a “gaming” event, so it not surprisingly has that angle to it.

I think we will likely see more from the traditional simulation side in the coming weeks - certainly during FlightSimExpo is a good bet.

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It has been confirmed in one of the many other threads that the tornado was simulated in live weather and its not scripted. Came from an interview at the xbox event i believe.

Sorry off topic here

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Yes, I saw that after I posted this. Good to know.

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From what I’ve seen, FS2024 is a FS2020 2.0. Same graphics, same APIs, same meterology. It could be a 2020 DLC, and if it’s not, it’s because they want to get our money again. I am sorry that not paying again for the same product is a blasphemous act for you.


Do you have a crystal ball or do you come from the future? I don’t know where you get such information from when no one from Asobo has officially said anything like that.


Why would they change it if it’s still the same engine? FSX had the same folder structure as FS2002. Maybe even older editions but it’s where I started.

First google search answer when Googling “are MSFS2020 addons compatible with MSFS 2024”

Microsoft confirms MSFS 2024 is a full-on new simulator compatible with “virtually” all the existing add-ons

Google is a well-known and renowed so called “internet search engine” found here:

No need to google that. The official FAQ was posted on this forum.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 FAQ - Microsoft Flight Simulator / News & Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

To be honest, I don’t get this hysteria around MSFS 2024. I’m pretty sure Microsoft/Asobo are not going to saw off the branch they’re sitting on by releasing something that would render all current addons for MSFS 2020 useless.

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