Fenixsim A320 audio clipping

Hi all:

I have the Fenox a320 and love the plane. However with the latest build i have been getting a nasty audio lag, or clipping - its severe that its really not playable per se - So the audio is fine once loaded , but maybe 1 or 2 minutes in it acts up.

I have tried closing all processes or programs that may have a high load, and could be affecting things. I don’t seem to have the issue with PMDG , Asobo, etc.

Before the current build i did not have any audio problems. I have also checked for overheating warning temps, and its in the normal range.

So I am wondering if anyone else has been having a similar experience to mine.

I reached out to tech support (fenixsim), but as of this post they were not able to duplicate the problem.

For the record my system is as follows :

AMD 1700X
Latest version build win 10
Latest build of MSFS

Thanks Zach

What exactly do you mean by “clipping”?

I’ve noticed in the default A320 and 747 how the sound crackles a bit in the right channel during takeoff as it generates a fair amount of bass but I can usually remedy that by changing the EQ curve via Dolby Access.

Could you possibly post a video?

I seem to have it at as well. Not as frequent as you described but definitely notice it this build. I think it mostly notice in Fenix as its probably the most hardware intensive addon we currently got.

Oh, so this kind of thing is plane specific? In the F-16 for example going full AB in cockpit and chase leads to crackling and popping sounds as if the frequencies are overlapping and also while takeoff when you go full throttle with AB engaged, the AB sound comes on but the engine spooling up to 100% mil catches up 2 seconds later.

Hm this is strange. A lot of people had similar sound problems with some Carenado airplanes.

They sound fine for one minute or two - and suddenly the engine sound is completely gone, or acting strange like hung and some other problems.

Unfortunately no one could find a solution I think :frowning:

My only guess is that the AMD 1700X is too weak for the flight sim so the sound begins to stutter crackle and whatnot when the computer is completely overloaded and cannot cope with all the data anymore, or the Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec of your mainboard has compatibility issues.
But sorry I don´t know how to solve this problem. If I would have this problem I would try to mess around with the sound settings, switch all rendering distance and AI traffic to minimum and switch the Fenix panel to medium rendering quality to check if it´s CPU load related.

I guessed the same, has to be CPU load related. One thing I haven’t tried though is to lower the master volume and engine volume to get rid of the pops and crackling at least on engines that generate a lot of bass and decibels.

Update: Nope, didn’t make a difference. It’s in the aircraft’s recording.

Moved to third party aircraft.

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