Few suggestions from a noob

This game have been amazing for me so far, runs well and the world looks great.
These features may be in the game already. If so please let me know
Few things I’d like to see or know if there are plans for;

  1. Able to contact nearby players in game - I was to say hello to fellow pilots flying around my home town!
  2. A screenshot button built in.
  3. Ability to see plane specs from the aircraft selection screen (like F10 in the hanger)
  4. User names, call signs etc to save when game is relaunched
  5. copilot to just keep the plane level and straight when no waypoints are active / customise its behaviour a little bit.
  6. Delivery jobs for fluff :slight_smile: e.g. fly X plane from here to here in an amount of time
  7. Ability to reset sim speed to default value or see current speed on screen somewhere.
  8. A radio for music or something of possible :slight_smile: Nice for long flights

My first flight sim has been an incredibly satisfying experience and already met people who want to fly together!

  1. Windows key-Print screen does it, i think it will put screenshots in pictures folder.

A lot of things could be made by 3rd party developers.
A local chat would be nice but then thay have the trolling problem.

Good ideas

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Very good ideas !!!

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oh fantastic, I have just been using print screen then pasting them into paint haha.

Trolling could be an issue, i’d be happy with a quick chat system…like how ATC works but to contact nearby craft with a set of commands, like acknowledgement of the other plane using their callsign or do you want to fly together