Fewer clicks! Please! Less Interface User torture (word order is correct)

Somebody at Asobo must be fascinated about clicks. And generally mouse interface user torture.

You know how we used to press “Apply” then “OK” sometimes unnecessarily and compulsively?
This is how I feel when using MFS interface. Especially in low FPS is a “dream”.

Who needs to change liveries while on the ground?
No… you change them in your hangar or before flight. How?
Click on Liveries. Choose a livery. You want to look/pan around to see around the plane? Click on the “back” button. Then on set view buttons way up right click on the “Plane” icon and hope it actually switches from “default” view (sometimes it doesn’t) and hope you don’t try this for a big plane cause if you are trying to do it for a 747 you need to leave the “My hangar” screen… come back and only then click on plane icon to be able to swivel the camera.
You don’t like that livery? Click again on Liveries… and rinse and repeat for each one you want to check/see/chose.

If you want to do it before flight… you are just presented with some small cards… you need to know the skin you want by then. You should actually have just one… what’s this nonsense of repainting your aircraft?

Oh and please make those liveries that we select for a plane stick to the plane… because now once you select another plane the previous swaps back to default livery, I think out of spite and user hate.

What? World Update 3 is out? Update the Steam/WinHome version… Update the game while loading… no… you are not done… go to market place. Click on select free stuff. Click on “Buy and download” (yeah… buy the free stuff… because… logic).
Then sometimes you need to go to Profile… Content manager… and click on update available… for some skins etc.
Because it’s impossible to have one step update… it needs to be 4 at least.

When you set up the controls. You need to click on search by input… WHY NOT JUST PRESS THE KEY/BUTTON and automatically scroll to tha assigned command??
And why only for ONE selected controller ( selected as in CLICKED!! Because you do need to click it ).
What is so difficult to have the game listen on all controllers at once and if one button is pressed just scroll to the assigned command to quickly see for what is used that button?
Sensitivity is basically hidden. Do a poll please if you can in the game itself like a pop up question and ask the users “Hey do you know you have sensitivity settings for axis?” I bet 90% will answer “no”.
Then next week ask the users if they knew “the settings in axis sensitivity screen is actually designed by somebody that never ever used a flight sim in his entire life?” I think the majority of answers will be “I thought so”.

Then we have the interface with sliders that need to be ticked on the pixel in VR. Trying to move sliders in VR is a torture game in itself.

So please. Jokes and rants asides… take into consideration that the interface is still… “behind” sic.
Please check XP demo (is the only thing I was impressed positively there, sorry for the fans)
Please check DCS world settings (not perfect either and took them 20 years to reach this level… please don’t be ED here. Did you know we used to exit the mission to check a button or/and change it in DCS? ).


PS And do add profiles for planes and add all functions to controls so we can assign them if we want and create a master profile (like it is now that can be used asa a starting point for all other plane profiles.

I gave you a vote, man, sharing not all but many of your frustrations.

Can’t let you get away with “Less CLICKS…” though! Please don’t take it personal. This grammar error has become almost epic, today, so I try to correct it whenever I see it!

It should be “Fewer” Clicks. “If it can be counted - it’s ‘fewer’, if it can’t - then it’s ‘less’”.

My wife, a former school teacher, taught ME this one!




No no, it’s LESS clicks or you’ll LOOSE your mind!


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I really understand your frustrations here! A lot of the menus don’t respond very quickly, and nothing in the UI feels smooth. Makes me wonder how they are going to make this work on console. Imagine having to set weights and balances without a keyboard.

Forza Horizon 4 was also like this, everything was hidden behind a menu then behind another menu. It really seems like devs have forgotten what a good user experience looks like.


It will be fine. The entire UI has been designed from the beginning to work with a console controller.

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I agree that the UI is clunky and could use an overhaul. At the very least just one simple drop down to choose an entire controller profile set would be amazing, Asobo…

I also notice that the “History” never changes, I always have the same 3 airports shown (1 I have never even visited!) so one more click there is needed

Thanks! I had the feeling the expression was not very good but it was the only word I had in my mind at that moment :smiley: . I am not a native english so I may be pardon for this :smiley: .

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Many native English speakers get that wrong, so definitely no shame in it!

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No apology required. I wouldn’t dare try and speak or write another language as I’m not brave enough. So well done to you for giving it a go.

And you made some very valid points - I share your frustration!


They should go play X-Plane for a few hours then come back and fix the clunky UI.

Frankly, I am amazed at just how great the language skills are with everyone on the MSFS forum, native AND non-native English speakers. This has always been one of my personal pet-peeves with social media in general.
Spelling? Punctuation? Capital letters? Grammar? Social media doesn’t seem to care.

Seems like we ‘simmers’ do have some standards and try to uphold them. Very refreshing for me, at least…

I wouldn’t say it was clunky. More that it was never designed for a mouse, and keyboard user.

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