Finally back up and running awesome again. (Mfs not responding)

yes its a screenshot
can someone tell me why it will not get past this area, 5 minutes stuck and noticed its not responding in the task manager.

If you have Cessna 152 liveries or mods for this aircraft, they stopped my sim from loading.
Took them out of the Community folder and it worked
\Give it a try

That’s not the issue because I have nothing in my community folder. Just got the update installed today and this is as far as it gets.

There is a hotfix available for C152 mod

Thankyou for the link

I put all the Cessna 152 liveries and mods back in after downloading and installing the hot fix and had the same issue.
Took all but one file out and had the issue. Took that file out, put all other mods and liveries back and the sim fired up without any issues. I could even get the Content Manager to open without any issues.
The offending file was : C152X.
Left it out and all is good.

Great, but that doesn’t help the original poster.

I am sorry to hear about your issue. I have moved your post to Bugs & Issues > Performance & Graphics.

can you find any additional info within windows event viewer ?

Sorry will not be on desktop pc for a couple days, installing new water cooler in system will get back with you once my pc is up and running,
When its back up and running, I’ll try going back in mfs and see what happens.
And as far as the community folder and the Cessna 152 or any other mod having anything to do with it, I’m not understanding how that could have any effect on it. Please explain…

Mods are very often the reason for a crash or some other kind of trouble. This in special if MSFS becomes a new update/version and with it some what related was changed ( e.g. related to the SDK ). Then the mod developers must fix it and you have to update your mods.
The MSFS developers can not check whehter all mods works fine, they simple not know all these thousands of mods . An exception should be the market-place, where you bought official mods. But we know in meanwhile that these kind of mods also not quality ensured.

Thanks for the info, will keep that in mind. But still have nothing in my community folder. I’ll see what happens when I get it back up and running. Thanks.

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Same thing not even moving from this spot. Been like this for 2 hours now, sense I got back up and running earlier. I think I’m calling it quits and walking away knowing I’m out all this money until they get it resolved. Maybe one day I will try again but right now its to frustrating to even think about. So long mfs, hello something else. Wish everyone best of luck.

Finally got mfs2020 back up and running, had to do some tweaking in the registry, and some overclocking but its running great again. VR (oculus rift) looks amazing while in game. I just hope it stays running so nice and smooth like it is right now.

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