Finally Solved Jaggies, Judders and Stutters in G2!

After more than 16 months in a total roller coaster ride of tweaks, updates, fixes, more tweaks, guides on tuning, apps and more tweaks, wasting time, giving up many times in total frustration, never achieving any real smooth game play unless I flew in deserts, my sim today is incredibly smooth as silk, not one judder or jaggie in NYC, LA, London etc…wow!!
My system was an i7-10700 (10th gen), RTX 3080, 32G etc…The issue was the CPU. Boy was it the CPU! Upgraded yesterday to a 12th gen i9-12900K, needed a new MB (Z690P), and new cooler and case. Ouch$$$
Then updated to W11 which is meant to support 12th gen cores. Holy crow, what a difference, there’s no more graphic issues or anything! It’s incredibly super clear, so darn smooth and huge fps, everywhere. I can’t believe what im seeing, compared with what it was for past year and a half. So worth the investment. Take out a small loan if you have to, but this, this is how simming in VR was meant to be! :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And yet I recently upgraded from a 9900k to 12900k while simultaneously going from W10 to 11 and didn’t see anything remotely like that. Whenever such claims - e.g. ‘huge fps’ - are made without any actual data to back them up it’s difficult to take them seriously.

From what I’ve read around here, other people’s experience is closer to mine rather than yours.


So therefore I must be suffering delusions? Lol!
Trust me on this, read up on the new 12th generation chipsets and W11, and why this is exactly what I’m getting now. You’ve got a mismatch somewhere with your hardware. If you purchase all the proper latest hardware (not mixing and matching old odd-lots), I guarantee you will see vast improvements. You want proof…JUST DO IT, you’ll see for yourself. No chasing BS graphs.
Or is keeping people hopeful that they alone have the answers to make their poor systems run better with high fps, just subscribe and smash that like button? Lol!
Regardless of your doubt, my reality is exactly what it is…An incredible marked improvement, a whole new simulator experience that’s everything one would dream about! Simply put, you get what you pay for $$$


Since we’re being patronising, maybe there was something wrong with your previous system if the new one is so much better?


Ah ah! “The issue with my car not going over 130km/h is fixed! I bought a Ferrari! What a difference!”

Well, that’s a way to solve a problem :joy:

If you want to fix the issue even more, the 4000 RTX series graphic cards will release in September.


For what it’s worth, with the SU8 beta I’m anecdotally seeing better performance than ever before.

However, that’s either a result of software or driver improvments. I maintain that the hardware update (around xmas) had relatively little effect.

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Thats what I thought. It was a new build just for MSFS 16 months ago. New 3080 and Z490 mb, but I shouldn’t have got the i7-10700 (10th gen). That was a mismatch and it was bottlenecked and redlining at the CPU. Took me a wasted year and a half to come to this realization. So it was indeed my system. Add VR to that equation and one needs even more power.

:joy::+1: Very true. But like FSX, this game is designed to function the best with top-end systems. Ahead of the game. A 4000 series card will cost thousands and probably be unavailable for a year after release lol! I assure you that within a year or two, most of us will upgrade to a 12th gen chipset and W11. You’ll have to!

Can you take a screenshot/photo of the fps counter?

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Thrilled that you are happy, but I have i7-10700 with RTX 3070 and 32 gb ram. I get FPS in 40’s in VR with great visuals and no stuttering with graphics mostly high and a few ultras. Using OpenXR Toolkit and loving the result. I can’t agree that you need a 12th gen CPU to get good results in MSFS 2020.

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As I’ve heard so often. I was flabbergasted that some with identical or less systems were having no issues like stuttering and ghosting jaggies in their G2. My system was all a new build. But upgrading the cpu and mb opened it all up for me. If you’re not having such issues, hold the course :+1:

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Could have been a USB problem, the G2 is picky. Or a problem with the thermal paste,…


What is the resolution in VR you are playing with? Because if it is as high as some of us play, I doubt your results. I have a 3080ti and Pimax 8kx.

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Yep, the most important info that people never mention.

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Resolution? The G2 is 2160. I set in-game at 100.
If its high, you doubt results? If its set too high would it not be bad results? I have great results here. Funny how some want to doubt, perhaps trying to avoid costly needed upgrade? I get that lol!

KennyKanada: “Maybe if i throw more money at it, it’ll work better”.

KennyKanada: “OMG it worked”


Rest of the world:

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2160 is the native resolution of the displays in G2, but very blurry. Try to install at least 80%, and preferably 100% in OpeneXR Tools for WMR. Then tell us how smoothly your SIM works. I am sure that at 100% you will not get more than 40 FPS

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Lol! Then one shouldn’t bother with high-tech toys if expectations are to not invest in it, yet get great results. Unfortunately, money seems to solve a lot of issues in this stupid world.

I set it to 100. Im getting 30-37 around NYC, and around 40+ elsewhere. I don’t chase FPS, that’s ridiculous in MSFS. Like a dog chasing it’s tail lol!

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