Finally solved poor performance in SU8 by updating motherboard bios

I’m an AMD user, 5800x CPU and 6900 xt GPU with a reverb G2 but I think this might apply to other systems as well.

SU7 ran really smooth for me but SU8 brought back the stutters. Even after lowering my settings the stutters persisted. I always keep everything updated with latest drivers, firmware, windows updates etc especially since I have rather new hardware but several months ago I stopped updating my motherboard bios. Mainly because I had dialed in performance improvements for my CPU and didn’t want to mess with that. Well after trying many things to fix the stutters I figured the bios was my last hope. Immediately after I updated my x570 motherboard bios and all my stutters are gone now. I’ve been flying this way for 2 days now and the stutters have not returned so I’m confident this was my fix. I’m back to SU7 smooth stutter-free flying.

So if you’re experiencing stutters and can’t find a solution, I suggest you check if there’s a bios update and give that a try. Hopefully it helps you like it helped me.

Happy flying :slight_smile:

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What MB do you have (manufacturer/model) ?


Thanks. Good to know if it is MB/manufacturer specific, but it’s a good reminder to keep MB bios up to date regardless.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte b550M Gaming.
My BIOS version was F13. I updated to F15 but the problem still exists.
At the moment the only solution is to turn developer mode on and off at the start of each flight.

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Sad to hear you still have the stutters but at least you have a work-around. Good luck.

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