Finally some news about a patch

As long as they did not change the API to a non-backwards-compatible version, it will work.
But having different versions and patch states in the wild simply would make any developer try to avoid that. It just causes SO many other issues that a common codebase is the way to go as soon as you can.

Yep, the changelog for tomorrow’s patch explicitly contains fixed memory leaks :slight_smile:


I have flown since the update and have not had any problems.
I’m running a custom water cooled 5900x/RX6800, using a wall mounted BenQ 3501R. I have a Flight Velocity panel populated by a Logitek Cessna yoke and throttle, Saitek Pro rudder petals. My FV panel has a 6 pack of Logitech instrument panels plus a Logitech radio panel, Flap panel and switch panel. What fun!
My wife bought me a Discovery flight for my 70th birthday so I was able to taxi a Cessna 172 to the take off point and the instructor actually let me take off, climb to 3000 feet and cruise around.
MSFS2020 is blast!

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I’m running pure stock, no mods at all and suddenly getting CTD every few minutes.

Collin Powell’s Pottery Barn Rule : You break it, you own it.

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And they own it.
13 hours until a patch will be released fixing that and many more issues.

I wonder if the tomorrow patch will fix this ( reduction of graphics )

Is Quality Control and testing a patch before you release it too much to ask for?

The Crash to Desktop’s are inexcuseable in my opinion.

First world problem, but still stinks, especially when customers expect a working product, I don’t think that is too much to ask for, especially from a company such as Microsoft/Asobo.

Here’s hoping the hotfix works and doesn’t create anymore issues [+]

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So question, I have fs2020 on Xbox and it works great but I have 1.18 but I go to download the new 737 max and it says that I need the newest version? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Yes. Yes it is.

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There’s a new patch?

Tomorrow 1500Z.

Can’t fix a problem that does not exist.


If you can’t see the downgraded clouds quality, doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist


I wonder…is this a complaint, that people complain? :joy:

I doubt Asobo considers downgraded clouds as a problem. That is a feature now, not a bug. Something is not broken or a bug if they meant to change it on purpose.

Do Beta testers have to be constrained to standard configurations (eg.- no 3rd party mods)? If not so many diverse system configs might make it impossible to certify all systems OK.

Beta testers are free to use the sim as they like, but of course when reporting issues you need to rule out impact of mods just like you would/should do before reporting in the public forums.
Since mods might be incompatible with the update in test, you rather reduce the set of your addons to the minimum anyway.

The issue are not the tests, the issue is how much time and priority you have to fix the found issues. And with a marketed XBox release, there was simply not much room even if you have a 5 week beta period.

But I’d like to emphasize again:
As with every beta test, you cannot judge from the final release in how far the beta period was useful since in the best case scenario, the critical issues found during beta are fixed in before/in the final release.

Having the most realistic setup with mods and addons will give you a much broader picture. Also remember that sometimes if a 3rd party addon shows issues, it still might be down to a bug in the sim. Not all of the sim is using the full SDK itself, some features are mainly provided for and used by 3rd parties but the features/API is still part of the sim and worth to be tested.

P.S.: The above said is all general to the beta testing approach. I try to avoid talking about anything from the contents of the test to not violate the NDA. Hope you understand :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether anybody has gone to the bush trip menu, i completed the lot and now i see that completion on all the bush trips are zero.

Check the forum search:

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Like I said in my last post, all Bush trips were completed so I decided this morning to fly the first leg of the french Pyrenees and it hasn’t recorded the flight

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