Finally we have a VR world scaling tool OpenXR ToolBox

Open XR Toolbox now brings a fix for the wrong world scaling having too smal cockpits (feeling like a kid’s car).

After a year of waiting Asobo did not mean this being important while this bug takes out so much immersion for me.

Yes, You could have used Steam’s worldscaling setting for this, but I did not want to switch the openXR runtime.

OpenXR Toolbox is the successor of OpenXR NIS scaler (both on github), which already did let You scale the VR rendering and then sharpen the output to make cockpit gauges more readable.

The toolbox now has a VR buit-in interface and can be used with Ctrl+F2/F1/F3.

Things changed and I had to find the best compromise between fps and image clarity.

For the oculus Rift S I am trying these settings on my notebook with RTX 2060:
PC: res: 1280 x 720 65% (only for VR! In 2D I use 4k with reduced render-%))
VR: res: 60%

OpenXR Runtime Tool:
Use Newest runtime: ON
User-defined scale: OFF
Motion Reprojection:OFF

Oculus Debug Tool:
Pixels per Display Pixel Override: 2
Asynchronous Spacewarp: Disabled
Encode Resolution Width: 2656
Encode Bitrate (Mbps): 350

Oculus Tray Tool:
Not used

OpenXR Toolbox:
Scaling: about 70%
Sharpening: 95%
World scale: 85%

Try a stock-Cessna 152 or 172:
What is Your best feeling value for world scale (mine is 85%)?

You can test settings just by changing 2D/VR by using the hotkey.
So I get about 25-28 fps with a little stutter on the outside, but a sharper image and a correct world scale compared to not using OXR toolbox and Oculus debug tool scaling-
FBW A320 is under 10 fps on ground… :frowning:

Tell me Your settings!


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A wrong world scale is a bug.
In "General " it is not possible to vote for fixing this bug.

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I think this needs to be in the Bug Section for the Devs to investigate, many VR users have explained that the World Scale is perhaps incorrect at default values with various different HMDs.

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See this thread for voting on World Scale bug.

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aahh yes that 2 year old thread! (forgot about it) Hope they get to this soon then.


I got 3060ti, PC, Oculus Rift-s

Would like to share, I get sensational results turning
MSFS Global Render (VR-Setting) down between 50 and 60% and raising supersampling (Pixel per Display Override) in Oculus Tray Tool to 2, Asynchr. Spacewarp to
45fps-ASW disabled.
Headset-Grafics to Quality in the Oculus Software.
I set in OpenXR-Toolkit to: NIS, 70-80%, sharpening 50%
World-Scaling to 80%
Using MSFS2020 Map Enhancement

Have now fluid 40 fps in VR, clear readable Cockpit and stunning scenery.
might drop down depending on plane and complex scenery.

Not an expert, can-t explain why, but it-s fantastic.

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