Find A Way To Filter on Multiple Tags?

BTW, I’d like to suggest a tag of something like “forum feedback” and/or “forum suggestion.”

@moderators The tag page is very nice: It would be even better if there were a way to select and filter on more than one tag. Really pushing my luck, better still if logical combinations of tags “boeing 747-8 NOT airbus320” were allowed in a filter.

The ability to combine tags with categories is nice, too. Just noticed it in fooling around with tag filtering. Just extend my wishful thinking for combinations of categories and tags!

The combination of the Self Service category group, the PC and Hardware category and the Installation tag:

The tags are a great feature within Discourse, unfortunately, we are limited in how they can be used, and your suggestion of logic tags isn’t feasible as far as I know.

I have created the tag #forum-feedback for you.

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