Finding airport to refuel mid flight

Is there a quick and easy way to find an airport mid flight for GA aircraft that use the Garmin? I have almost run out of fuel on occasions and it would be useful to redirect to a closer airport to refuel! I’ve seen there is a way to punch in an ident code manually but isn’t there some kind of ‘direct to nearest airport’ function? Thanks!

It depends on the Garmin, but most will have the NRST function. Depending on the model, this feature will be in different places.

For instance, on the G1000, both the PFD, and MFD, have the NRST button. Pick the top one, then hit “Direct”. For the G3000 equipped TBM, you want the lower panels, and you can find nearest on the MFD screen.

Ok thanks, I’ll see if I can find the NRST function. I think there’s a way to do it manually using the cursor too, though I can’t seem to see airports displayed on the map aside from the one in my flight plan.

On GNS 430/530 scroll through the pages (right knob) while flying with flight plan in display. Activate cursor scroll to desired air field then hit Enter.