Finding offending USB devices

Hi there,

after some troubleshooting I wanted to share my solution here:


  • Sim hangs sporadically
  • Sound drop outs
  • Crash to desktop (sound stops, sim runs a few seconds and freezes)


Offending USB device, disconnecting / reconnecting after a few ms.

To debug, I used the tool USB Tree View and highly recommend it, since I have a lot of USB devices :slight_smile:

Just watch for red/green devices: red are disconnects, green reconnects. Sure enough, in my case it was a USB webcam. Removed it, all issurs went away.



Thanks for posting. I think this software will come in very handy for my PC and USB peripherals.

In Win 10 USB power saving can be disabled, keeping the ports live. I now have Win 11 and need to try and set this up today, Should fix any potential instability. USB Tree view is a great suggestion, so thanks for that.