Finding the Positive impact of MSFS During a Pandemic

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I totally agree and so glad you posted this.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is my escape from real life. I do not hang out with many people in real-life, so MSFS occupies my time. I can be as realistic as I want, from accurate flight planning the FMC, to arcade-ish as I want like flying an A320 in between the downtown buildings of Seattle.

I will never be a pilot in real-life(nor do I want to be), but MSFS lets me enjoy all of the little details that I want to worry about, and with VATSIM ATC adds that next level of realism for me.

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I couldn’t agree more.

Everyone will have a different view of just what that amount actually is, and that is the drawing card of a sim. A sim can be what you want it to be.
Your sim doesn’t have to conform to anyone else’s standards of what is and isn’t realistic!

MSFS for me is a means for escaping the house without actually needing to go somewhere. Killing the need to travel by flying somewhere (or flying home from somewhere).

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