Findng community map

Hey Guys, i’ve tried to install the megapack with the new liveries and after a long search i located the communityfolder. I had to create the folder in the path that you can see in the foto. But when i tried to open them i can’t see them in the menu of flightsim 2020. What is the reeason that i can’t see them. Is there anyone who can give me the answer

thanks in advanced


During installation where did you install your packages, the 100+ GB download? That top directory folder should contain 2 folders, Community and Official. The Official folder contains the OneDrive folder which is where all of your packages are located. The Community folder I mentioned above is where your add-ons go.

Hey Helibrewer, i found both directories ( on my pc at d) and after putting the liveries in the communitymap it stil down show up in the menu of msfs202 hangar. As you can see i filled the liveries in the communitymap but nothing appear in the hangarmenu.