Fine one day, stutters next day (it's just like night and day)

Fine one day, stutters next. Same place, same weather, same live-setting, same everyting. How could this sim be super fluid one day and the next really, really bad? (often shown by stutter when panning in cockpit and exterior). Could be fluid once in air though. Tried DX12 and 11, TAA and DLSS or DLSS-DLAA. Thats not what make the biggest difference, its the problem above: the stutter from one day to another. Like Im playing with different computers. Weird. Oh, and stable fiber 255/250 connection as well.

Ive been noticing this for a long time, especially when flying in VR. I think I have it narrowed down to a combination of three things:

Where - Where in the world are you flying. Heavy graphics area such as large airports and town will cause your system to bog down. Places such as New York City, Gharle De Gaul airport, Tokyo for example have som many buildings, details, etc, that lading all that data and projecting will slow your system.
When - What time of day are you flying? Prime hours have more people on the severs, which can cause some slowing. When I fly later in the evening (on the west coast of NA), I have better performance than flying in the mid-afternoon.
How many - I have found doing large group flights, that when in the “pack” more system load is being produced, as you move away from the pack, system speed improves.

These are just my personal observations, and I have found that once I get the sim to a buttery smooth state, I don’t change anything. If I load it up and have issues, I’ll shut down and try again, if that doesn’t work, I’ll fly later which usually makes a difference,

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I’m convinced it has to do with internet bandwidth. It’s the only thing that could vary so much, in an otherwise stable setup. :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah, I used to go nuts tweaking the thing until I realized that the problem is NOT on my end.


I had too many stutters today and had to stop. A flight game with stutters.
Sounds good to me.


…and there are still simmers that want to advice me to get better hardware for my kind of modest settings and for my gaming resolution. Wow. I wonder how many players that have got bad-■■■ gear that notices the problems are still there.

But I dont think its on our part, must be the servers then. I have even connection with my 250-250 fiber. No problems here, I think. But on the other hand: How come it shows like stutters when standing on the tarmac, and the panning inside and outside cockpit are stuttery mess? I dont really get it.

Unfortunatly, I see the same problems even on smaller airports, but of course KLAX etc are more heavy, and there I often get stutters even on a “good day”.

If the stuttering you see is the rendering appearing to jump backwards for an instant, every second or so, as you pan the camera then check your NTP settings. I’ve noticed that if my PC clock doesnt sync when it first boots (due the network stack not coming up before the NTP sync command is run) then I end up with a stutterfest. Come out of MSFS, sync your clock and go back in and it should be better. Works for me anyway.

Interesting, and very surprising if this is the case. Are we talking about the normal clock settings in win 11? Could you specify more clearly… =)

Yes, the time and date settings in Win11. Hit the Sync Now button for the time. As I said, it works for me but YMMV, as is always the case for MSFS :frowning:

Not sure if my session already had synced, but after pressing sync - everything was really, really smooth. Is there a way for Win 11 to perform this task withotu me having to hit the button every time I start W11 up? Is it suppose to sync automatically?

Yep via services > Windows Time.

Click start > type services and press enter

Scroll down to Windows Time and right-click on it, click Properties in the context menu.
In the Properties window change startup type to automatic (deleyed start) or automatic.

Click apply > ok

Restart PC.

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Thanks. How come this is not set as default in W11?

This must be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of FS2020. Have you let the dev’s know about this, or do they already know? Ive had SO many problems with weird stutters (on and off) and noone did have this info youve given us. For me it’s like night and day. I could NEVER have connected the time sync and the stutters on my own, so I just wanna say: Thank you! Still concerned though why I do need to do this manually. Something in W11 or my Router or something else? Is this is a common problem in other games as well, and can you please describe for me the connection between the stutters and the sync of time? =)

Yeah im still seeing inconsistencies in smoothness too. So strange and really annoying.

EDIT: This was just a direct general reply to the OP, I haven’t tried the sync yet. Will do next time though!

did you try the “trick” above then?

See my edit above =)

Was it set to automatic to begin with? By default it should be.

What is the difference between the two options automatic and with delayed start? Any advantages over each other? =)