Finished 80's United 747 Livery at Kwajalein Atoll - South Pacific

Download Updated 747s Here


LiveryMegaPack guys - please include this pack in your next release. Thanks.
If you already have my green/yellow 747 you can overwrite those with this pack. I simply added to what was already there. Regarding this United 80’s livery, it does have the reversed text on the right side of the fuselage - just another thing that needs fixing. I’m still having a ball with it regardless.

Btw, that’s the Kwajalein Atoll I’m flying around in the South Pacific. I mentioned Wake Island (PWAK) yesterday. Well, I had the pleasure of flying into Kwajalein as well on the C-5 Galaxy, and it was incredibly beautiful. I’m going to post a video of it later today. If your a young person who loves aviation, consider the US Air Force. It was a fantastic way to spend many of my younger years and I’m so glad I got to fly. If you have any questions I’d be happy to share my knowledge to help anyone considering signing up.

It was really neat knowing how much history these places have. Wiki is such a great resource.
Read about Kwajalein Atoll on Wiki
Wake Island Airfield on Wiki

Have a great day and more to come! Thanks to everyone subscribing to my YouTube channel - which makes me really happy! C5GalaxyStudios is the name - no spaces - make sure you click on the right link YouTube shows you - if you want to follow what I’m up to in MSFS2020. I’ll be posting some tutorials this week on painting.

Note: I’ve got to see if it’s possible to move the tail number up a bit. That will take some digging since it’s done automatically by the game.


Now that I sorted out painting the stripes and getting rid of unwanted bits of the textures, I’m going go to town so to speak, doing many many more airlines for this lovely bird. I will also dig deeper in the 787 as well, because that is such a beautiful plane and needs some love. Video of the above flying around Kwajalein in this United 747 coming within the hour. :slight_smile:

Video - United 747-8i at Kwajalein Atoll - with islands tour after flight.

Hi, I don’t understand why you have Left and Right versions for the 747 when other aircraft don’t. If I use the left version the right side is reversed. How do you install these left and right versions ?

That was made by another person and I, like you, don’t know why. I’m going to take those out of my pack to avoid confusion.

OK thanks, so your United and green/yellow are ok from left and right sides

Yes and no. The United’s right side text is reversed. This must be addressed by Asobo. The green/yellow livery however, was fine but has been removed from the updated pack I’m getting ready to release. It was really just done as a test anyway.

Thanks very much for your efforts


Thank you. It’s just fun for me and challenging.

Any new liveries will be posted at this link - just click on my name and you’ll see them all.
Both of my 747’s here now, just fyi.

Hawker917’s Liveries

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Very nice! Do you think you can make United Battleship Grey and Blue Tulip in the future??