Finished First World Tour - Thanks Microsoft and Asobo!

I recently finished a journey around the world in Micrsoft’s virtual Earth and have to say THANKS to Asobo and Microsoft. Sure, the game is buggy and probably should have been released as a “pre-release” title but the fact that I was able to fly around the world to almost every city I have been to in real life was an experience no other game or simulation could bring me today. Here was my route:

Seattle–>Vancouver–>Minneapolis–>Chicago–>New York–>Montreal–>Reykjavik–>Alesund–>Edinburgh–>Amsterdam–>Cologne–>Zurich–>Lucerne–>Bern–>Paris–>Perpignan–>Barcelona–>Porto–>Coimbra–>Lisbon–>Santorini–>Crete–>Athens–>Seoul–>Osaka–>Tokyo–>Taipei–>Hong Kong–>Lihue–>Kahului–>Hilo–>San Jose (Costa Rica)–>Valparaiso–>Ushuaia–>Buenos Aires–>Montevideo–>Miami–>Dallas–>Austin–>Sedona–>Flagstaff–>Las Vegas–>Jackson Hole–>West Yellowstone–>Kalispell–>Spokane–>Seattle.

I flew various planes and did all flights with real time and real weather and by the end, I was truly jet lagged lol.



Which aircraft did you use.

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For the long distance hauls I used all three airliners. For the shorter ones, I used practically every other plane. I preferred the ones with an auto-navigation system so I could sleep, eat, go the the bathroom etc…


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