First DC-6 Failure, Gah!

Man, that first failure on the DC-6 nearly gave me a coronary!

I finally set the Circuit Breakers to realistic and my first failure was the propeller governor sync breaker popping.

All four engines start racing!

I’m still trying to calm down!


Nice airplane isn’t it!!

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It is so freaking insane amazing!

I would love more vintage aircraft of this caliber.


Not of the same era, but wait until PMDG releases the 737.
Same quality and fidelity.

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Believe me, I’ve been following that development like a hawk.

For sure, it is on my buy list.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a breaker pop.

Still it’s a lovely aircraft and I agree, we need more like it from the golden age of aviation.


Hmm… makes me wonder if the PMDG 737 will also have a circuit breaker panel and various engine failures like core overheating ITT hotstart ITT overheating core-lock and more interesting stuff.
A jet is way more complex than a prop plane so who knows for sure :wink: we will see…

CV-440, IL-18, Viscount :pray::eyes:

What is also interesting, that I didn’t mention here, is that shortly after takeoff, ATC radioed that they weren’t seeing my transponder any longer.

I inspected it, the light wasn’t flashing. I had to flip the toggle switch to switch to the co-pilot’s transponder and turn it on, which solved the problem.

I never did find a fuse or circuit breaker that could have been the culprit. There is a single circuit breaker labeled “Transponder”, but it wasn’t tripped. If it had been both would be dead.

If this is legit modeling of a systems failure forcing the use of the backup/redundancy unit, then that is some seriously cool realism fidelity.