First Experiences: some patience, "eco devastation", great hope

I have 49hrs of “play” on Steam, of course 48.5 hours were watching download, restarting after many crashes, so not much fun in that play. But now - finally - we’re up and running with “only” one in-game crash so far.

Whilst I have flown some of the planes available, including the B744, I decided to respond to “the sky is calling” in the ICON A5, to a place I’ve lived/worked before: Seychelles and Mahé island. Shocked to find how global warming and/or tourism have (apparently) devastated the previously pristine and breathtaking environment. Previously turquoise clear water now look much like a muddy estuary. Previously golden sun drenched sandy beaches look like the marshy banks of aforementioned tidewater.

But that ICON A5, what fun!

Viva Asobo, keep the improvements and bug fixes and crash fixes and scenery AI coming. We’re counting on you to live up to our expectations (and the hype). We KNOW you can do it.