First Impressions KSUX

My first flight was from my home airport of KSUX (Sioux City, IA). Since my Saitek Joystick and CH Rudder pedals do not work yet, I did an AI flight to KOMA (Omaha, NE).

  1. Missouri river thru Sioux City (north and south) is in a deep canyon and needs to be fixed. In Omaha the canyon ends and the river seems to be at the right elevation.
  2. There are 2 coal burning power plants south of KSUX that are depicted as only a cluster of small buildings. That needs to be fixed.
  3. Runway lights, approach lights, airport beacon on in VFR daytime. Not correct.
  4. General Iowa/Nebraska landscape on this flight looks great.
  5. ATC Altimeter setting phraseology 29 decimal 92, should just be 2992 (no decimal). Maybe that is the way ICAO says it.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to get my joystick/rudder pedals working soon.


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Supernova , you should really submit in game issues to support , put in a ticket. I would think most of the Devs are busy and might not be reading the forums a lot. Not sure though.

Thanks for the link. I’ll do that.


Issues with inaccurate elevation of water have been observed in a few areas - perhaps the more entertaining of the ones I’ve seen screenshots of are plateau lakes in Greenland that aren’t actually plateaus. I’m not sure if it’s considered a known issue yet, but I figure it’ll be fixed in the near-future.

As for the second point, I’d be surprised if that’s fixed. Photogrammetry is only utilized in select cities - in others, AI fills in the blanks with miscellaneous buildings. Great example of this is the Washington Monument in DC being replaced by a large skyscraper. (which is likely caused by the LIDAR restrictions imposed by the federal government in that part of DC, resulting in AI reliance being necessary unless a third party decides to model it)

Thanks Zachry,
I agree that the power plants I mentioned are probably not going to get fixed. That’s ok, I just wanted to bring it up. I also noticed that radio antenna don’t seem to be modeled as well. I can see their shadow on the photo ground but no object displayed. That seems like something that should be fixed.

Hopefully the elevation is something that gets addressed in a hotfix or version update in the near future.