First major issue

Haven’t had any problems in the sim until now. It seems that there is a spot from three to five miles northeast of CSU3, that the sim keeps crashing. I’ve tried flying through that one area 5 times, and it crashes every time.
Wouldn’t be much of an issue if I didn’t have to deliver some cargo in ONAir to that airport. And I think that it just put my plane back at the departure airport two and a half hours away!

This happens from time to time at certain locations. For me it’s Iceland and Japan. Ironic since Japan is the first major release from MS. If I were to guess, I would think it has something to do with the satellite data. I’ll have to try offline mode to see if this helps, but I always forget to try since there are so many places to fly!

I’m about to try everything that I can think of. Suggestions would be appreciated.

I tried offline, and it worked! Thanks a lot, probably wouldn’t have thought of that one.

You’re welcome! I just figured it would have to be a blank spot in the Bing satellite data. MS will have to check that.

Blanks with everything with this mess of a game i still want a refund can’t fly airliner’s cause they are all ■■■■ dammn near every button in them are inop just trash.

Did you report this one to zendesk? Seems like a reproducable bug with a very specific cause.:face_with_monocle:

I have no urge whatsoever to fly an airliner, so I haven’t had many issues. And I wasn’t expecting study level aircraft from the devs. I can wait until some real ga aircraft show up from 3rd parties, just like with FSX. Until then, the ga aircraft currently in the Sim will do just fine. Just need to sort out some bugs.

No I didn’t. I’ll look into it.

yes i did’t expect study level at all but they are just pure trash it’s a shame to even release something like what the have for airliner’s, i’m with you on GA planes they will do for bush flying but i just can’t get into low and slow, i mean nothing works in the a320 787 is worse and the 747 is the same as the 787 trash. but i’m glade someone is enjoying this game.

I got the same issue with Vancouver several times. But I will try next time take the multi off. We see. Cheers!