First thoughts Shetland

Hi, first post here. I have played flight sims since 98 but never truly done one ‘properly’ so hoping it will be different this time.

I purchased MFS2020 mainly to fly small planes around Shetland and Scotland and recreate some of the flights I regularly take.

What I love so far

  1. Plane graphics and attention to detail are phenomenal
  2. Getting over 40fps despite only having the recommended specs (Ryzen 5 3600, NVidia 2060, 16Gb ram). May be due to flying in remote areas
  3. Landscapes look lovely from height and are obviously correct as they use real mapping

A few things I hope are tweaked in future releases

  1. Shetland has far to many trees! In reality has almost none due to the environment. Hopefully this is an easy change somebody can make (zero would be a good approximation).
  2. The topography is not quite right with Shetland having some crazy mountain ranges that look more at home in the Olgas… Assuming they have some kind of real world data source for elevation. Bing maps has OS maps after all.

I know its a tall order to expect the developers to get every place correct but I think they can get close with these changes.
Anyway enjoying so far and hope one day these things are tidied up.

Let me know if you have thought on these points!

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I am a big fan of the TV show Shetland, so I took a flight around there too. I agree, it didn’t really match the sort of rather desolate beauty (and no trees!) that I’d seen on TV. Lerwick didn’t seem right either. I was mildly disappointed. Cool to fly from the far north of Scotland across the islands though!