First VR Experience with the Reverb G2

Getting my VR headset to work with MFS2020 was very easy…almost plug-n-play. The key is to update the Windows Mixed Reality, run it, then run MFS2020. In the General->VR Mode, switch to VR, and that’s set. Once you get in the plane, you’ll feel like inside the actual cockpit.

I did a test flight on the 787, from KSMF to KPDX. The cockpit details are awesome. Yes! You’ll feel tempted to grab the beautifully 3D-modeled controls. But, you can easily control them with the mouse – except the throttles and flaps, for some reason. But, I use a yoke, quadrant, and a rudder.

Taking off is simply wonderful. The feeling is almost real. And, you know? It becomes much easier to control the airplane, once you start feeling part of the airplane – it’s like driving a car.
At several parts of the flight I paused to play with the graphic settings. I started with the default, but the clouds looked very blurry – lacking details. Also, it was difficult to read the text in the LCDs of the cockpit.

By the time it was time to land – some 80 minutes later, I had improved the visuals. They were still not as good as without VR, but much better. The text on the LCDs is still blurry, but better after some adjustments. I still need to do more playing with the settings, though.

But, the landing in VR is simply a lot easier – again, because you can almost feel the airplane. Despite the ATC leaving me way too high, near the runway, and runway 28L missing ILS information in the 787 FMC data, I managed to do a smooth landing, manually.

I can’t go back to non-VR. :slight_smile:


Nice, what’s your system?

I have a 9th Gen Intel i9 Extreme CPU, 32GB RAM, paired with a Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card. This sits on a Asus ROG motherboard.

It is by no means a high end system – more in the low end of the mid range. Today, I set all the graphic setting the same as I play it in non-VR, which is mostly all settings to Ultra. It wasn’t good, as there was a lot of choppiness. VR requires much more power. But, reducing settings from Ultra to High, and High to Medium, it makes it smooth enough to enjoy a flight.

Although graphic details are not as good as non-VR, the experience of flying in VR mode makes it worth it.

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