Fix blurry roads

Roads all over the planet have a blurry overlay deserving a fix.

It happens both on main roads, higways, dense urban areas as well as rural, wild places.

Under another thread regarding same issue, but locally @Fx8138 posted more screenshots of same problem: German streets and "Autobahn" (Highways) are green and low resolution

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Sometimes, you have to search for it, the streets are displayed with a correct and good looking texture. But most of the time it is just a blurry ugly layer.
Is this a bug and should I report it?

By the way, I love this simulator! Thanks a lot Asobo&MS!


Roads seem to have issues… I see everything from blurry roads to oddly colored ones… Many roads appear green for me. And for some reason they all appear to be concrete instead of asphalt.


Oh! They don’t all look like the blurry ones in the top? I went around my local city and all of the roads were like that… :confused:


the same for me, that looks terrible.


Same for me, thought it was a bit odd.


Roads are a mixed bag. It doesn’t hurt to report everything so they are able to get a more accurate picture of bugs and issues

I’ve noticed the roads with the painted lines in areas that have poor or nonexistent satellite images available, and the surrounding terrain also has completely synthetic ground textures as well.

I was wondering the same thing. Seems like near major cities the roads are great but rural areas they are greenish . I just chalked it up to lack of satellite images or data.

It has to do with the quality of the photos, not really much can be done about it unless they get newer higher rez photos. Some of these were taken from space after all. Not really meant to be seen from 1000 feet or whatever. You could try flying higher so it isn’t as easy to see.

Here’s my understanding

The road in MSFS comes from 2 different and most of the time, independent sources.

  1. Satellite Imagery
    This is for road texture only and it’s an integral part of the regional ortho.

  2. Bing/OS map data
    This is the blurry overlay you saw and it classifies which area is designated as road to the simulator. Most time when it aligns with satellite imagery, you wouldn’t notice this layer (but you can see it by pointing the camera angle close to the ground). This road data is used to simulate traffic and suppress certain procedural process (e.g. grass)

So far, I have observed some interesting outcomes due to mis-alignment between 1 & 2

  • When there’s no road texture but road data, you would see cars running on grass
  • When there’s no road data but road texture, you would see grass growing on the road
  • When road data has wrong elevation (e.g. vs. the actual bridge), the traffic would float under the bridge or over some buildings

It’s not the aerial photos quality fault, but map vector data represented in blurry overlay. This visible overlay has no purpose.


Yes I hate it too. In many areas it is like a green overlay for some reason. I know this too because I’ve landed on the roads and over the satellite terrain photo of the street you see where the useless and ugly overlay cuts off and the satellite terrain begins. I wish they’d do like Xplane and just pave over all of the satellite roads with in-game roads so you don’t see the silly stationary cars baked into the road photo. Should be easy enough to do since the OSM data is already rendered. Would also look amazing with the grass aprons and overpasses from the real world data thats already implemented

There is a problem with the roads. I am not aware of those technical details,apologies for that, but I was wondering why the roads also had to be implemented as satellite imagery??. This has led to very low resolution blurry textures of the roads. Also due to the satellite imaging, flat imprints of vehicles on roads have been created with in-game vehicles travelling over it.
In many places there are sudden jumps in roads with vehicles travelling over each other, suddenly emerging and then suddenly disappearing and travelling at ultra high speeds & vehicles travelling through bridges rather than over it.

As far as I feel,in this front, XP11 did a better job in rendering the roads and vehicles on it.There are clearly defined roads,markings, sign boards ,vehicles, bridges with good resolution textures and the vehicles move in a smooth fashion that looks nice.
The present road system is an issue which greatly affects the realism and needs a fix.MS/Asobo please take a note of it.


The blurry roads do not look good and roads in general are very inconsistent. In some places, roads look good and in others they look very blurry or they have a strange, incomplete looking semi-transparent overlay on top. It would be great they all had a good overlay that depicted roads realistically and matched the visual quality the simulator is trying to achieve.


Hey but at least we have are getting an amazing Japan right? Wait, wait… I remember now, the roads team is separate from the scenery team. There is probably a fix in the pipeline and getting Japan doesn’t interfere.

I agree. Sadly XPlane definitely does a better job with roads. Hopefully quality looking roads will be implemented. I would love to see a very good overlay placed on top of the roads that would accurately depict the type of road and be clear and not just a blurry representation.

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XP and its addons do a better job with most things at this point. Give it a few years, that balance may change. Or it may not.

Keeping faith on Asobo team and expecting that they listen to us and live up to our expectations as they said and make this sim a truly next gen flight sim !!!