Fix Charlotte NC downtown

Love this sim!!! My only concern so far is that my hometown Charlotte NC is not anywhere close to the correct skyline and downtown images. Hoping they will update that soon.

Yeah… it is wildly off. Suggest that you submit a ticket on zendesk.

Check out Think they might have what you are looking for

Will do. Thanks!

Dude Charlotte is horrible. It’s a shame as I live here as well and it’s the place I fly most frequently. Charlotte is a top 20 city based on population I believe. The skyline is 10% accurate haha. I hope they fix it. CLT Douglas is also one of the busiest airports so they will hopefully release a detailed version of that as well. As of this writing… nothing has improved.

Have you seen downtown Dallas? It’s absurd. Was literally better in FSX. I can’t imagine any downtown looking THAT bad but now you tempt me to fly over Charlotte!

The PG cities are much better but still most skylines need modeling especially for night.

Drzeweicki and Orbx have started doing them - I hope they make it around to many US cities that are worst off.

Not picking on the sim - it’s mostly beautiful but those skylines are an eyesore. Obviously not the highest priority but maybe someday an update…

Charlotte has the aviation museum. The airport is one of the busiest in the nation. The city is larger than many others that have greater detail. Also NC is first in flight historically.

So please update the skyline and airport. The skyline is entirely inaccurate. Just a random assortment of structures. Frustrating to see one of the most significant places to aviation get passed by.



There is a freeware version of downtown available. I agree, not sure why KCLT has not received any love from payware airport designers either…let alone freeware.

FSDreamTeam has stated KCLT will be their next release, followed by KIAH.

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Any word on the skyline being modeled accurately?

And how is this relevant to the MSFS SDK?

Some requests were found in the SDK area dating back to 2020 and were moved into this Wishlist.