Fix for SWS Kodiak and RV-14 FPS drops in cockpit view

I have problem with Kodiak. When ESI500 instrument is on, it drops FPS in cockpit view. Only solution is turn it of with circuit breaker.
I tried to replace it with default Asobo Backup instrument and looks like it works for me.
In panel.cfg find this line
gauge00=SWS_ESI500!SWS_ESI500, 0,0,512,384
and replace it with this
htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS1000_BackupDisplay/AttitudeSpeed/AS1000_AttitudeSpeedBackup.html, 0,0,512,350

Same could help with RV-14.
For Kodiak folder is Community\sws-aircraft-kodiak-wheels\SimObjects\Airplanes\SWS_Kodiak_gear\panel
There is also second folder for Kodiak, panel_noregistration or something like this.


You can also fly in dev mode and enable Nano VG under option menu/experimental to put the glass on the GPU instead of the CPU. For most this will fix it right up. I use medium refresh on my glass and without Nano VG I also get the mainthread issue however this works around that. It used to be enabled by default but XBOX boned us and Asobo disabled it and only recently brought it back to dev mode. Should be standard again in SU9 or SU10 though. So if you can’t wait for Asobo to fix then you can manually turn it back on and enjoy the airplanes for what they are with no impact.

So aside from popping the fuse we have two workarounds and neither are ideal as some do not like to fly in dev mode as it will not log the flight. Again do not turn this on during a flight only before in the menu. Reloading a plane or turning this on in real-time will bug the plane out.

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