Fix for the GNS530 Wrong Radial and Rounded DME (Superseded By GNS530 Mod)

Hi all,

I just fixed the wrong information displayed on the VLOC Ident Window. Even after the patch, the radial displayed the relative bearing to the station and the DME was rounded. It should now match the real GNS530 based on the manual p. 9-2.

Download on GitLab.

Edit: The GNS530 mod has integrated my changes and offers many new features, check it out!


Thanks, that bothered me alot!

It seems to work fine for me

Thanks for this G530 mod. Very much appreciated.

This picture of the G530-mod shows a negative radial but I think that radials should be in the range of 0° … 359°

Yeah I noticed that too in the last flight. Turns out the simulation variable from the SDK has a range from -179 to 180° instead of 0 to 359° which is not documented ATM. I think I just fixed it now. Let me know if it does not work for you!

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Make sure this gets reported too. They can’t fix what they don’t know is broke.

Works perfect now. Thanks.

Hi everyone,

I bough the M20R few days ago I star to get use to the aircraft but I notice that the GNS 530 when use the GPS and try to follow a flp make corrections enroute very drastically like 45 degrees left or right just for correct small deviations enroute, that happen to anyone of you too guys?

Thanks for the mod

I just bought it, and have had trouble with the avionics shutting down shortly after flight. This problem persists even into restarts of my game and computer. Using different liveries brings the avionics back to life, but they die, usually just after takeoff. I have seen others reporting this. Has anyone found a solution?