[Fix Found] Flight Simulator on Xbox Has Just Got an Annoying Bug

Video of this small but incredibly annoying bug (volume up):

I tried to fly this morning and noticed something strange was happening in the cockpit. Well, it turns out, pressing the B button on the Xbox controller (with which you either decrease throttle or back out from instruments) plays this annoying “cancel” chime which shouldn’t be there at all, it’s only a front-end menu feature. Also, an alarm goes off in the cockpit which can never be stopped. It turns out the new update wasn’t tested on Xbox, or with a controller. This makes it completely impossible to enjoy flights.

I made a bug report here: “Cancel chime” and Warning Sound Every Time the B Button is Pressed - Bug Reports / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

check your key assignments, nothing wrong here.
ans yes it is a hassle that things keep changing, but thats fs.

This bug has nothing to do with key assignments. That sound should not be there when pressing the B button when the player is not in the menus anymore.

That chime you refer to can be muted in the settings. I believe its the same thing I had that you are referring to after the most recent SU update.

I cant remember precisely where the setting is but its under the sound settings, I had to lower something to 0 and the annoying sound went away.

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Yes, a temporary fix is to completely mute the User Interface sounds. This makes both the menus and the in-game clicks silent (but not the instrument sounds which is important). I’ve done this now, but I’d still like to see this issue fixed. Also, I have no idea what that warning sound is even while the aircraft is cold and dark.

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As OP has created a bug report on this, closing this topic.