Fix Green Roads on So Much Imagery

I can’t tell you how many times I fly and see green roads on ugly green imagery. A lot of Bing imagery has an obnoxious radioactive green color to it to begin with- like Kryptonite. The green roads on the areas with less-annoying green are still annoying.

Please fix this. So many places I fly VFR lose some of their luster when green roads show up.

Yes I find this annoying, but I find stuttering and low FPS more annoying, so given the unpredictable nature of the patches, maybe this is one for the future when a few other basics are sorted out? Anyway I agree it is something that should be prioritised at some point.

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Update: After the latest imagery update, many tiles that are shown on the update map are still green:-(

Please fix. US east and west coast has this, at the very least.