Fix Handcrafted LFPG

Handcrafted LFPG has MAJOR issues on taxiways - for onw, there are invisible obstacles that stop the aircraft and yesterday after landing on 27L, taking D8 taxiway, I suddenly got a message that the a/c suffered major damage whole the taxiway was empty and ended the flight right away.

I seldom fly to or out of LFPG and 80% of the times something like this happens! By far this is the handcrafted airport with most issues, not counting performance.


can you show where is D8 on a chart, I can’t find it, it stop at D6.
I guess I have outdated chart.


also with (b) it is the same, completely broken !!
that has to be fixed.

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it is not third party, it is bug correction

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