Fix ONE thing at at time in patches

Ok, this is a simple request to the MSFS team (Asobo and MS both)

PLEASE focus on one single thing at a time for patches. Please

Trying to please all the people all time never worked for anyone.

Having all of your different departments trying to fix things and test and package in two weeks is just dumb.

Example 1: there is currently a huge autopilot problem on most planes. Have your “autopilot department” work on these issues non stop until they are mostly fixed. Then spend a few weeks testing, then release this “autopilot patch” when finished and working correctly without breaking anything else. Or even split it up into the various planes and release a patch for each plane’s autopilot fix.

Example 2: Scenery, (clouds, photogrammetry, water, etc) take one of these subtopics and work it thoroughly until it’s where you want it to be, then test for several weeks, then release the patch.

While one department is testing their patch, another can be packaging, and another can be still developing / fixing. You need to have offset cycles that release patches every two weeks, not: everyone at the company has to get something done in two weeks just so we can say here’s a “fix” for so and so.

you can do this for everything in the game: take one thing, work on it, test it thoroughly, then release the patch for that one specific thing. There are so many things in the game and serverside, that you could still actually do 2 week intervals for patches. A “terrain detail patch” or “LOD patch” or “UI patch” could still be coming out every 2 weeks.

The “here’s a little bit of everything, some of which we’ll tell you and some of which we wont” patches aren’t working very well. Not to mention just logically seems completely inefficient.


CptOveurOver your right seems like anytime they come out with a fix something else happens Example the last patch before this one to me it seemed like ok the sim was running better for me, the crashing stopped my sim was running much smoother. now when this new patch came out i started the game it told me an update is do and i knew it was coming because iv been hearing about it on YouTube so it took me to my MS app store and as soon as hit the update it gave me an error code so i did it again same thing an error code i went to fix it in the windows setting and did nothing went back to app store to update same error now i had no choice but to delete the sim mind you this was the second time something like this happen i believe the 2nd update i had to reinstall the whole game, now this new one was a nightmare because not only the Gigs got bigger but now i had to install the whole game again on top of the 4 hours it took to install and all the add on i had just about 6 hours of install time!!! wow if i have to go through one more update like this again? I’m uninstalling the sim and staying with x plain. BTW on this new patch something happed to the LOD they did something the graphics looks like garbage now and that only because someone posted something about it i didn’t noticed it till i went back and played and yep he was right the trees and all details got down grated and a lot of sim player said the same they think this is what the Xbox version is going to look like, they gave us a stunning sim now it looks like garbage

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I said more or less the same thing in this thread:

Maybe hey should abandon patching all together. For me the sim has got a little worse after every patch.

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