Fix / Support Camera API in SimConnect

We could really do with pushing the votes on this to get more attention.

Just voted! I’ve been waiting for a Chaseplane/XCamera app for MSFS since the beginning. (I was an Alpha tester). Never saw this thread before, somehow. Thanks for the heads up Zangoose!

Never mind…

Here is a new response from today’s Q&A.


so is that a yes or no lmao? or is that a soon or close?

The Sim is really beautiful and there are great planes being launched now, but I cannot leave X-Plane 11 due to the fact that I have great flexibility with X-Camera that allows me to freely move in the sim exactly how I want. I feel like the MSFS2020 camera system is very limited and restrictive and this is the only thing keeping me from investing and spending more time in MSFS2020. Please consider opening up the camera API for developers like Mark and let the best camera add-on win in the marketplace.


Voted as directed from other thread. Lets hope we get some traction on camera issues and overhaul plus API support. Anything at this point would be better than leaving the current system broken for another year…

Recent XPlane transplant…

I’ve been using FS since FS98, recently came over from XPlane because of the PMDG, Fenix and Maddog; I presume there are a lot of us who where holding out on this platform until the release of those products.

I’m shocked to see the lack of support for 3rd Party camera tools I’ve been accustomed to using for years.

I really am having trouble enjoying this sim with the lack of camera options, the ability to save only 10 custom cameras, and the constant annoyance of the camera constantly going back to the default cockpit camera every time I try to change a view.

This is literally so annoying, because it’s an issue that never was before.

Please open up the camera so 3rd party devs can make their awesome custom camera management tools!


Yes let’s please make the camera system accessible for 3rd party devs!


We’ve gotten a good amount of votes in the past week or so, has anyone heard any update from Asobo in regards to this issue?

Using this sim is still driving me nuts from having complete control over the camera via a 3rd party camera!


We haven’t and we’d love to!

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Being able to save custom external views would be great as well - There is a workaround but this involves editing CFG files I believe to trick the camera. But we do need more votes on this!



In my opinion the camera system should have a much higher priority than pushing out a lot of low-end planes, because this is for me the most annoying point in the simulator!

Imho msfs should be a SIMULATOR and not a game! It’s MSFS and not MSFG :innocent:


Been tracking this topic for a while still, because my major hold up with this sim is the camera still. Keep adding votes!

Really hoping to hear something from the devs on this subject since SU 10 is now out!

Asobo really needs to open up there SDK/API for there camera system. Or get Chaseplane at least on board like Inibuils with there A310. I can understand why are you holding back on the API for weather stuff but I really can´t understand it or the camara system. At least talk to the guys from chaseplane and ansewer there Emails.


Completely agree. Every single user has a different monitor setup. A one size fits all approach to the camera affects how every single user can interface and view the sim.

Chaseplane / Ezdok, etc did an amazing job allowing each individual use customize their custom views to fit not only their preferences, but also the best viewing set up for their own rig, regardless of monitor size/type, resolution, etc - based on zoom, lateral position, vertical position, and the position of the camera in regards to pitch and yaw as well.

It’d be awesome to keep gaining more and more votes, would love to see this implemented, with the help of the add-on developers themselves, in SU 11!!

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Looks like we didn’t make the cut in this past week’s development update under “Wishlist - Lifetime” even though we are now well above 300 votes! :frowning: