Fix the weather first and foremost

I like the snow.
You can use a slider to adjust coverage and not have to have precipitation !

First time ever.

Oh I know. I fire up the sim, keep the aircraft the same, make sure weather is set to live, and start at my airport. It’s been clear skies everytime, maybe the occasional cloud.

It’s just straight up broke.

I wonder if MS will be able to fix the weather for Europe. Foreflight and Garmin struggle to provide good coverage for all europe. generally they obtain weather from Gov. France, which for instance do not provide data for teh Canaries nor for anything further east than Italy.

I guess “real weather” is something which will not always match.

If I click on live weather and then on an airport on the map screen, it gives the wind direction and speed you’ll be seeing when you’re in the sim and not that default weather wind direction and speed.

weather is so bugged here in germany , why is it so hard to see the rain here microsoft, every weather side can.

Look at my other post here: The Weather, it’s not just Germany. And also people are claiming it works better in Europe, if that’s better I don’t know.

Yes, but the wind indicated doesn’t match with the metar information. By the way, a friend of mine got a different wind for the same airport at the same time. More than that, the wind is different if you select the opposite runway !! No, as many people have already reported, live weather does not work. And this is a feature that needs absolutely to be fixed in the update of the 27th. I spent 120 euros for a flight simulator and, by definition, a simulator simulates reality as close as possible, the winds in particular. I will not quote here another sim that does that very well. I do not care to have the choice between 30 aircrafts, most of them I’ll never fly with… I want the true winds ! :wink:


ALWAYS has to be a rich comedian every time! You here all week as well?

Your answer is in your response. YOU ARE FLYING ACROSS IRELAND! It WORKS there not in the US or most the rest of the world.

Weather is more than just clouds and rainbows. It’s the winds that are mostly broken. Everyone has seen clouds and different “weather” all over the world but doesn’t mean it is accurate and especially winds.

Remember, the update on the 27th is just A VERBAL UPDATE on WHEN the ACTUAL UPDATE will be.

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Doesn’t work for me. 225/03


Flew around spain after Ireland still works. Had differing winds. If you can’t follow simple instructions this not the game for you unfortunately. I’m located in Aus so you just change your server.

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Not all areas have the at the moment weather data, in reality it is off about 20 mins to an hour, longer in other areas.

Here in hosuton it was right on the dot, and with full real time the winds matched at George Bush. Hince delayed flights.

I took off as a trial, and a tail wind shifted me unexpectedly and I dropped.

I gave up went to try to fly from TMI to mount everest to realize my small craft even with safety on can not maintain the lift to the peak even following walker ridge.

Real weather is dependent on a few factors. Was it started at the beginning, how long until real time data is reported to the used weather service they when the game can implement it. It is real weather but its not going to be completely in real time and not for everyone everywhere. So will have to be estimated on core data.

Fact: some areas will not have goo weather relay system to the core service. Some will not have proper radar. Some will be delayed. Some you will wish you never tried to be a bad ■■■ and try flying in when it does work.

I have not had functional wind in any location in North America, Canada, Alaska, Mexico. And anywhere else except for a few places in europe. This is not acceptable. and I will be getting a refund if this is not fixed.


Winds were correct ofr me in Houston,

NAvajo mountai nacted correct, I have flown over the canyons in RL

Some area storms, rain wind are at least an hour off.

They def need improvement. Especially optimization. But some thigns won’t be perfect, and soem areas don’t have up to date info or radars reporting to the same used data source.

Example Houston, Today, hit by heavy rains, but moderate winds. Was not in game at time, apeared as I left on another flight 30 mins later. With Real flight on, no aid of safety, I had a real tail wind that threw the airbus left. Which from that runway, was correct in real wind direction. IT was enough on manual to make me jump.

Arizona, well face it, won’t have many clouds in certain areas. But the wind shift from canyons is correct in smaller craft flying at 6,00 to 9,000 feet (keep in mind how high you are on that main mesa).

When I mvoed over the canyon drop before the mesa rises again before Navajo Mountain, The small craft reacted correctly, even tho clearly defautl programming as it does it the same way each time. SO there is programming for common canyons due to height but no changes other than that.

I rare instances the Reservation gets a bad thunderstorm over the mesa. I tried that (as live weather won’t happen that way for a long time) and added it manually.

Sure enough there was a strong cross canyon loft of air that tossed my wing over as soon as I reached the drop. So that aspect works. Also never would fly over That canyon or navajo mountain i such a storm, which is how a pilot was killed coming out of Shonto.

Like FSX it will take time to fine tune things on FS2020. That is a fact.

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Can you please confirm what metric you are using to determine that they are correct? I hope it’s not just that your aircraft is pitching around in turbulence. Are you checking windsocks? Are you reading the wind direction/velocity from the PFD?


In Houston the instruments showed it. Even if it was off by at least 30 mins after the storm edge passed. We have updated radar here, more so then inner region, the data in game simply will not be real time.

I can see the wind direction, increase jsut before it happens. I also know those canyons and effects on them. Even if the game clearly has a preset at certain points, rather then gradual or slight changes. I was impressed to a point, but it was to constant (pressure and wind pressure will go up and down in that canyon during a storm , sudden lift, sudden drop. This was more even and estimated.)

It is more fun then steady flight.

Take safety off and go pure real time. Take a smaller craft out from TMI airport in Nepal. Bank right and try to climb the slop of Mount Everest. Well you will have to turn system failures off at that altitude.

You learn fast while rescue craft and helicopter have to follow the ridge up. Until you no longer get sufficient lift. FSX you could just do it with no issue.

Wow a storm moving across NAvajo land, going to take off from Shonto or Page Arizona to see if game data is working.

By EU do you mean West Europe or something else?

Ok, that’s what I thought - you aren’t actually checking to see if real winds are present. I’m inbound to KTEX right now with real weather enabled and am getting bumped around due to the interaction of the winds with the terrain, just like you’re saying you experienced. Except my PFD tells the truth - winds are from 225 at 3 knots. So what you’re feeling is 3 knots of wind interacting with the canyons.

You need to measure it.

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