[FIXED] World Update 3 has broken flight dynamics, exhibit A

If you are able to fly a 1g stall down to 30-35 kts then the flight dynamics are indeed bonkers. I’m not saying it is correct, all I’m saying is that the stall speed is lower in ground effect, so depending on the weight flying at 50 kts might be possible in ground effect but not without deliberately keeping it of the ground obviously with a lot of backpressure, it shouldn’t keep flying straight and level all by itself.

The problem might be in the pitching moments and lack of drag rather than the stall characteristics themselves. But considering your observation there definitely is something wrong.

Seems like whatever they did, reduced the induced drag so low, as a result of ground effect, that the aircraft is not slowing down as it should.

I don’t really agree with that, but I do think that this update is positive. They need to implement the config tweaks though, if that’s the problem. They can’t force users to modify it though (and they won’t).

For the sake of
all modders. Asobo need to comment on what they plan to do with this mess. Otherwise modders will invest hours of improvements just to have to revert back or do another fix after action from Asobo. This should at least be Asobo’s courtesy to all the folks that keep this sim worthwhile.


Technically I can stall an aircraft at any speed due to the critical angle of attack bring exceeded (unless over Va of course where we will bend/break something first), but this is a good basic explainer for non-pilots. :+1:

I see what you mean.
My point is, I was able to lift off at 35kt, not fly into a stall at that speed. Falling is different than going upwards.
Also, when you talk about back pressure, we have to keep in mind that the back pressure is required to generate enough of a pitch moment on the aircraft to maintain wing AOA, rather than actually have anything to do with lift. Lift is still only dependent on the wings and flap configuration. With a back enough cg you surely wouldn’t need any back pressure, but because the wings are about half way through and there’s a big and heavy turbine engine in the front, it’s safe to assume the aircraft will want to pitch down sharply at power idle and with only the PIC on board, even at speeds where the wings would be able to generate enough lift with necessary AOA. Hope that makes at least some sense.

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Yes an aircraft is able to stall at any speed or altitude. We are talking about flying at 1g, level flight in ground effect though.

if Asobo leave it as is now,if not it is a waste to change anything,how know wat comes next? i spend no more Money in this Sim before this stop.

I have, think we all have. It was on Modern. I even turned it to Legacy then back. This isn’t being caused by that setting.

Could you explain the mechanics of a side-slip?

Thank you for providing feedback on this situation.
I’m closing this thread as you gathered many helpful details.


Re-openning this thread for further discussions on this topic!


I have the same issue but as I think only on the turboprops. For some reason the piston engine planes seem fine to me.

THANK YOU! Much appreciated. :wink:



Could you provide any insight into side-slip and what it is and how to execute it properly?

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A sideslip is accomplished by cross-controlling; i.e. ailerons left, rudders right.


Sideslips are intentionally creating drag to lose both speed and altitude. We use them frequently in gliders, though they do also apply to powered aircraft.

To enter a slip, use a bunch of rudder one direction while banking the other (for example, right rudder with a left bank). Ideally, you’d end up flying straight but with the nose pointed to right or left.

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I just tried the C208, without mods, and flew it as I would normally. As soon as I brought in the first notch of flaps, the nose pitched up massively, and I lost about 50kts. Well into the red but did not stall. I had to trim downwards, and throttle up to gain control of that. Second notch of flaps wasn’t so bad, but I trimming down, rather than up was what I ended up doing. In the end I came in at around 50kts, much slower than I normally would, and even then it floated.

I’m going back to the 172. :slight_smile: