[FIXED] World Update 3 has broken flight dynamics, exhibit A

The Sim is now not usable for me,now Scenery look good but i can not enjoy Flying,again a Mess…

i will not buy any Addon´s for this Sim,if they not stop messing up the Addons.
also there is after a few Month´s no fix for the brocken Switches in Portover´s…get also a lot Stutter now…
so Portover´s are broken,Asobo planes are broken,Payware? i have not.
Flight Sim?..hmmm…a Joke…
i hope this get a Comunity fix,i do not think Asobo will do it fast,and if,wat mess it up then?
not one Update that work out of the Box,i lost Trust…


Does anybody now where the flaps behaviour is modelled in the sim? Which files to look at?

I only fly the C152 and the flaps fix has made it feel more like I’m used to when flying Comco Ikarus C42, when you deploy flaps you need to push forward on the cyclic to keep the nose level. Seems they have killed it for everyone else though

The lack of QC on these releases is really hard to fathom. Seems like every update there’s some glaring new issue that’s introduced.


It seems like they changed physics, so that even mods that override all default aircraft-specific performance are affected.

Now every modder and payware creators needs to adjust for the new physics, get the fixes rolled out, just to see Asobo changing stuff like that again.

Why is it so hard to provide such changes with a heads up to the modders/payware creators prior releasing it, so everyone can adjust their aircraft to have a patch ready on release date?

Also they simply can’t release a UK world update and write that it causes issues with the Orbx London payware. I mean, seriously? They did not test even that obvious and broadly marketed addon prior releasing and providing Orbx with the required changes prior release??
It’s just nuts.

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I agree with all the frustrations, but… At the same time I’m immensly enjoying this sim, and will continue to do so. It is already a major leap forward in anything we’ve experienced so far, and it will only get better.

And the world out there is not perfect either. I also see CTDs with other sims, so it is really not just MSFS.

This is not to so that some proper testing apparently has been skipped here…

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Great to hear as I was also floating down half of the rwy at EGLC in the neo. hope they fix soon also some AP issues I have, did not follow flightplan from EGLC to LOWI, had to turn SEC1 off

Yes I’ve experienced the floating in the G36 and Icon A5, I was pretty sure my speed was good on both landings. It would appear these changes are affecting planes across the board?

Also Icon A5 took off in what must have been not much more than 20 feet of tarmac… I know that can happen with a Cub but not the Icon A5 which needs a lot more power to get up to speed.

Voted! :+1:

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Have we all also sent in a zendesk ticket for this one? It’s totally unacceptable to change physics and not properly test / adjust built in aircraft to compensate. They’ve effectively rendered this simulator useless if you want to actually simulate flight.

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I disagree. Currently since seemingly most aircraft are affected in a flight simulator, this is a major leap backwards.
Scenery might improve in many ways, but what is a flight sim that you can’t fly because of broken physics?

And it’s not like the bad QA wasn’t a topic last year already.
If you change base physics, you HAVE to retest all your stock aircraft at the very least.
If you change scenery at a location where you market payware addons (even in community fly-ins), you HAVE to make sure they don’t break without giving the creators a heads-up (if they are responsible to fix it anyways).


I hope the community managers recognize this issue without dozens of same Zendesk tickets.
@Jummivana @simtom2 et al

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Can anyone confirm whether they saw this or not on the steam 172? I took it for two flights last night, and I did not see this floating behaviour. Take-off was around 60kts as expected.

I was talking about the sim itself in general, not about this particular issue :wink:

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Yep same here. Now I have to push the aircraft nose down to land. Flaring now just makes the plane float and unable to land, even at lower flap settings. Not realistic at all.

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It’s there but way less noticeable or exaggerated as it is on higher powered/larger planes.

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Good point, ticket submitted!

So wanted to enjoy the new update, i started my go to c-208.
Only to find it has turned into the hot air balloon edition.
Even with the scenery is looking great and all, simply can’t get passed the issue that a lot of the ga planes are turned into rubbish. take off… No fun. accidental glance at the throttle and i am already airborne approach and slowing down… No fun. forcing the plane to do a nose dive. still it really wants to gain altitude Landing… just horrible. Remember those floaters that just wont flush. something like that
taking off and gaining altitude in the c-208. with clear skies (1kt of wind) under 40kn. could manage sustained flight at 31 kn. Loading with default settings.
the low speeds were already noticeable in previous updates, this update made it even worse.
The eternal floating and ridiculous low speeds for take off makes this months edition not one to enjoy much so I turned the sim off. again. Maybe next month asobo. Maybe, hopefully…


I tried the longitude without the mod and I did well, so I thought everything was good then I tried the mod and even with the slowest speed it had its nose more than 5° down all full flaps and still floated all the way to the end of the runway. I thought the mod was broken but now I know why the stock one performance well. I was flying the approach at 133 knots Vapp. Under normal circumstances that would have been borderline stall speed.

Whereas for the mod, 133 was the right speed for the weight, for the stock I should have normally been at 150. I thought they fixed it because of how well it performed but no. Meaning I could have gotten same result with the mod had I flown the approach at 118.

Getting tired of this one step forward, three steps back, especially on simple stuff like this. Makes you wonder what the beta testers were doing.


Has anyone tried reinstalling the aircraft via the content manager? Does that help at all?

(At least for the stock aircraft)

Well it’s hard to tell how simple that is. But QA needs to find these issues and if they can’t be resolved, take it out of the release.
Some things are more complex than you think, but then Asobo needs to have the due respect for such changes and not release them prior proper QA.
It’s not like the state before the patch was entirely broken and this change was urgent, but now it definitely is broken. Takeoff and landing are the most critical sections of a flight. Having random physics just kills the simulation entirely.