[FIXED] World Update 3 has broken flight dynamics, exhibit A

In an ideal world, wouldn’t it be good if they propose a change for a given aircraft, then a real pilot of that aircraft tries it out, decides if it feels realistic or not, and gives it the green light if it does?

If not, who behind the scenes is deciding whether a change to the flight dynamics is realistic or not? A programmer?

If I was proposing a change to our firewall cluster at work, I wouldn’t get the gardener to do it.


I second that!


A fix for this would need a content manager update for the aircraft. They could probably do that independently from the Sim Update right?

I hope we see a fix for this soon, if there isn’t something that fixes the issue (like reinstalling the aircraft from content manager).

In an ideal world you have some people who are real pilots to do the last test on the various aircraft that are paid and part of the development team to support throughout the change cycle.
But we’re far from that. Many issues that we face after release could easily be detected by people who at least have SOME kind of knowledge of the respective aircraft’s performance figures.

Either it wasn’t tested, the testers are lacking basic knowledge about these aircraft, or (even worse) the issues were reported by QA but the change has been included nevertheless.
Not sure which option is more concerning as for the quality of MSFS.


No, they just need to not include changes to aircraft with a world update. These changes could quite easily have been held back for a sim update instead. They have total control over what gets deployed to our disks.

They have adopted to separate World updates from Sim updates. That’s fine. But they then include updates to plane handling in a world update. And I guess if these were welcome changes we wouldn’t be complaining as much, but still they should re-think this segregation of update content. Either do it properly, or not at all.


You can buy addon on simmarket for physics: https: //secure.simmarket.com/brazil-land-games-aircraft-improved-physics.phtml

Yeah, World Updates probably have a different QA testing procedure that focuses on the scenery, while the sim updates have the more “aircraft and bug fixes” focus

  1. This addon is probably affected as well.
  2. We should never have to pay for an addon to fix in sim issues that have been caused by Asobo/MS

Yes I agree I am just emitting a temporary solution

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Plus this add-on probably doesn’t really improve the physics, it looks like it just changes aircraft config files

Yeah I was doing it last night and it’s ridiculous now. Comes down way too fast then floats forever. Gotta nose down and retract flaps. That was one of the first indicators for me that something was really wrong. That and slowing down seems much more difficult. Not to be melodramatic, I’m being honest, but after this I’ve been thinking of just selling my flight sim gear. I’m just so tired of growing with Asobo. It’s pretty clear they are not as experienced programmers than are needed for this type of project. Sure I have X-Plane 11, but it’s an ugly mess unless you download and load in all the photo real scenery which is a bit of a pain. Not making a decision yet, but yeah it’s on my mind. I’ve barely flown at all since they ruined the coastlines. Before that it was the spikes, but the forum member that put up the fix made that go away till Asobo fixed it in this update. Then there’s the constant up close draw in. No quality until you’re relatively close to the objects.

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I’m thankful that the 172 is not so badly affected. It may have been masked by the strong winds I was experiencing off the French coast, and in Northen Ireland though. But it certainly didn’t feel terrible.

I may try the 208 tonight. I think that’s been badly affected, which is a crying shame. I use a mod with it, so I wonder if these changes can be modded out for the unprotected ones?

Seeing this sim degraded to a sightseeing game is so annoying! With the experience from recent bugs I would not expect Asobo to bring out a quick fix for this. So seemingly we have to wait for all the phantastic modders out there who will invest hours of their valuable time to bring us back to a reasonable simming experience. A big thank you to all of them!


Perhaps a couple of questions for the Q&A would be:

  1. What testing process is conducted when aircraft flight characteristics are changed, and are pilots qualified on type involved in any way in that process?
  2. Why are changes to the aircraft being included in a world update, and not a sim update?

The second is far less important, but does reflect on the general production of the product, and the decision making processes of those who decide what gets released, and when.


I think the reason this passed QA was that QA for World Updates focus on the scenery, since there aren’t usually aircraft updates included with them.

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Just flew the TBM on my usual testflight IFR from Eddf to Eddm. Yes it floats a long time when flaring. Best is just to flare level not nose up. That worked for me. They overdid the ground effect now and again did not test the other default and premium aircraft. Very annoying.

I don’t think they overdid the ground effect, I think they just didn’t update the individual aircraft to allow for this fix.

I’m sure this physics update is great, it just hasn’t been integrated into the aircraft


Same here with FBW A32nx custom version.
Aircraft start take off by itself at 100 Knots, 35 knots below V2.
Strange pitch as well on aproach setting flaps 1.

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Yes, I was taken by surprise when the TBM was taking itself off at about 60 knots. Regarding landing I think it makes itself more apparent when you bring the plane in hot

I was flying an ILS into Blackpool EGNH. The approach via the BPL transition was hopelessly bugged not allowing you to safely catch the glidescope, but that’s a whole different issue that I’ve been banging on about for months, I decided to try an rescue the flight without going around by taking her in manually with a far steeper descent than was either normal or safe and experienced such ballooning that I’ve never seen in the TBM before. I may have been able to pull this off in the past but in this instance even when I got her down I couldn’t stop. There was no speed reduction either by prop reversal or applying the brakes. It ended in a black screen. In comparison I then flew another ILS approach into Glasgow EGPF and landed it perfectly with no issues. What I did notice however was that the plane no longer reduced thrust so well on approach and I had to manually reduce thrust to get down to landing speed. The rolling resistance when I landed correctly seemed ok, indeed I might argue that when taxiing the plane is a little more sticky than it used to be.

I’m comfortable with Asobo making landings more realistic regarding approach speeds however I think the penalties are perhaps a tiny bit over stated

TBM took off itself at about 70 knots for me, but was into a 22 knot headwind, so didn’t feel that unusual. Noticed a bit floaty on landing and seemed not to plant onto the runway like normal. However no issues with brakes and prop reversal for me - that felt normal