(Fixed) Absolutely horrible stuttering despite 35-45 fps

I’ve just installed 21.9.1 and chill and frtc don’t seem to be working.
The performance is good but the voltage control also doesn’t seem to be working .
I usually undervolt to try to keep temperatures down.

FRTC is there for me in 21.9.1 which I presume you are using.

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Yes. But many also just go into the NVidia Control Panel (search for that in the windows search bar at the lower left of the screen) and there’s an option there to lock the FPS. This also helps with the main MSFS loading screen not running up the FPS to hundreds of FPS and heating up the GPU. If you use reprojection on your VR headset, then set the FPS limit to a multiple of the headset frequency. For example, I have my G2 running at 60hz (down from 90hz like many), so I set the FPS limit in the NVidia control panel to 20, that way it’s a clean 1 real frame and 2 interpolated frames (60/20). I could go back to running the G2 at 90hz but then would have to raise my FPS limiter to a clean multiple to make the reprojection calculations easier/smoother on the cpu/GPU. At 90hz, I would raise the FPS limit to 22.5 (4x) or 30 (3x). I believe other headsets can do up to 5x reprojection but the G2 is limited to 4x.

Just after posting that I received a notice of an update to 21.9.1 which I installed, but it’s still not there.

I have never had FRTC working in Game Graphics.
It has only ever shown up in Global Graphics but it works in game if you set it globally.

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Ah great, thanks. Found it straight away.

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