[FIXED] All non-player simobject xml code broken (vehicle, windsock, animation, visibility, emissivity)

After the latest beta update the windmills are now spinning. Smoke and windsocks are responding correctly to the wind, but the windmills are still looking only North.

This is a known issue that exists in SU13:

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After the .18 update, the windmills are still looking north - AND there are no longer any contrails…

Windmills pointing north is not an SU14 issue. It’s a v1.0 issue with the models.

I checked for contrails in the sim today and found some on AI traffic, so it seems to be working. The reason you’re not seeing them might be because of seasonal weather variations, but if you do find it’s a consistent bug, it should be reported in a new bug thread specifically for that issue.

I can see contrails in the last SU14B version. Maybe what you are experiencing is this existing bug that can occur in a specific situation as explained here ?: