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since WU4 Bing Ground textures are Ruined. The LODs are borked or something. past 1km it looks terrible. like p3d.
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unsure. happend after the update. i use 1080p LOD res all at 100. is doing it anywhere in world.
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i7700k 5ghz oc 1080ti 16GB 3200 ram 1tb nvme
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not yet.

i feel like a complete NOOB. yes it was in fact my Nvidia driver setting for Aniostropic Filtering had been turned to OFF for some reason… ive now switched it to “let the app…” and it fixed my issues. i had previously checked my driver settings and didnt catch it… so yeah its my bad. i missed it and tried everything else instead. thanks to everyones help and feedback. your great!

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Closing topic as OP has found the issue.