Fixed front facing pilot view


Firstly just want to say I’m totally blown away by VR. For an initial release it already seems incredibly polished, and worked like a dream on my original Vive. This is seriously making me consider an upgrade to an Index.

One thing that would be really cool is being able to give friends/family the headset, while keeping the monitor view a fixed forward facing pilot view. This would make it much easier to show this incredible game off to friends and family as passengers, so they can look around whilst still allowing the pilot to control the plane.

This would require an entirely separate render stream that would bring any system to a crawl, sadly.

Your best bet will to simply remind the person that you see on screen, what they see in the headset. So just ask them to enjoy looking around but to look ahead quite regularly so you can keep track. On a similar note ask them to look at the runway when you are approaching for a landing. I did something similar to this in DCS flying the Huey and was able to land on helipad on a frigate with no problem. :+1:

Also to reduce motion sickness, ask them to look down at the instruments/G1000, not out the window, when you need to make a sudden or major maneuver. It’s even more nauseating when you’re not in control of it.

Even when flying myself, I often look down at the instruments, like a real IFR student flying “under the hood,” when I need to make a sudden, major maneuver. Flying planes with smaller windows (mostly the pressurized planes) also helps with headache.

I hope someday they add nausea reduction features, like Ultrawings has, blacking out your peripheral vision for a second, when you make a sudden maneuver.

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