*FIXED in SU3* Windshield Effects not working on Cub Crafter X Cub

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Windshield Effects are not working, I can’t see any Rain droplets on the Windshield, I can with identical settings with other Planes

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No need, description is enough

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Set Windshield Effects to Medium, Set Weather to Rain, load the Crafter X Cub = No effects. Do the same with a different plane = Effects.

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i9-9900k 2070Super 32gb RAM

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

Yep, same here on ultra. No icing effects either from inside the cockpit, but from the outside it was completely iced over.



Ok good to know I’m not alone, let’s hope this doesn’t need enough “Votes” to get recognised.

Might get some more attention if actually put in as a Zendesk ticket though… :wink:

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This shouldn’t be required, it’s an obvious issue that should be found in normal testing conditions.

Same problem for me…

Does the Xcub have windshield wipers? If not, then prop wash probably is fast enough to blow away the rain before it can hit the windshield.

Not when Cold in the parking bay it won’t…the effect is not working at all, works on other planes.

I sure am “glad” to find this post! I thought I was going crazy. This is a NEW bug. Maybe not in the newest update but this xCub used to have both rain and ice on the windshield. Now it appears it does not. Whatever is causing this is not something that has been there from the beginning. So, hopefully this doesn’t need a lot of votes to get fixed!

It’s raining! It’s pouring!

I have noticed the same issue but I don’t think it’s due to the effects not working (in my experience anyway). I think it’s because, when in the cockpit view, the actual windshield isn’t being created: there are no marks or reflections on the glass (from the instruments, for example), no matter what the viewing angle within the cockpit is or what settings are used.

I’ve not noticed this in any other aircraft.

I’ve also seen this; have to say I didn’t see any effects on the windshield internally. Reported a ticket to Zendesk and upvoted this topic.

Yep, same here, upvoted this topic.

Outside yes, from the cockpit is what this thread is about as that’s where it’s not working.
I hope this has been fixed in Sim Update 3, guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Fixed and not even in the Change Log!
Thanks you Asobo

Fixed here too! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for marking this fixed!

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This item was delivered as part of Sim Update 3.