[FIXED ON LIVE] SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs

KBL (Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul Afganistán) has problems with walls become invisible

Correction, now it just seems to be no terminal buildings at YSCB. I am getting them elsewhere.

Cairo Intl from the Spotlight Event.

I’m going to guess this is cloud/download related as things that were missing yesterday are there today.

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Maybe the Hotfix will address this mess

The Roofs at KBOS are still floating up in the air. Based on the jetways, this might be more an issue with the terminal building heights rather than the altitude of the roof. This started with SU5 and persists past today’s hotfix:

KDTW Detroit looks bad too.


sadly, no. At least no for KBOS.

Can confirm KDTW is still missing walls after hotfix.


Update: Did a complete reinstall of MSFS and turned graphics up to ultra. Problem still persists. In a related story, Willow Run is pretty much fine save for one building missing a roof.

Asobo, what you doing?

I am so glad I am not alone on the floating roof thingy…

KPHX also has floating roofs and no walls.

Does anyone know of a temporary fix for this until Asobo takes care of it?



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Had the exact same issue at Edinburgh. Disappointing to see after a 3 hour flight and the terminals are gone.

It’s not only airports as I also noticed Edinburgh scenery had missing buildings and houses were not generated.

I have know doubt it will be fixed but something needs to be done about their testing.

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Now that looks like some FSX kinda stuff. I hoped to never see floating buildings in MSFS. :confused:

It’s more the aggressive release schedule than the testing. Similar to what happened here:

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Just thought I would also post to confirm I have the issue at KPHX, and most likely the other airports the OP listed too. I voted to fix this.

Ditto for the floating roofs KPHX.

Either that, or there is some new weird architectural style at this airport.

One of the terminals, at KBOS is missing the walls and the roof textures. Something I did or is it MSFS glitch