[FIXED ON LIVE] You are missing packages that are essential to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please update the application and try again

Just in case someone is interested… I was not able to solve this, none existing upgrade issue, so I tried to run the Windows Reset function, after this, the mandatory upgrade issue went away but now I was not able to login to xbox, but only during FS2020 startup, I was able to login to xbox app. I ended up reinstalling my entire computer and now everything works. I’m being really nice when I say that this is the worst service delivery I’ve ever experienced from Microsoft and I’m an old ■■■■… I will never recommend MSFS2020 to anyone. And even though it works I will still look into xplane…


of course and thanks for report back.

It’s not the best user experiance, and we not know why you have to completly re-installing windows, but it gives the community the hint, that this re-install of windows possible fixed a wrong setting ( may be with the xbox accounting-stuff ).

I’ve followed the solution by andyjb1037219 by altering the file however sometimes i still get the error sometimes dont know why maybe a bug . still awaiting a response from the QA team since SU5

I just wanted to mention that this issue is beginning to occur to me now after the latest sim update. I can play if I delete an official package and make it reinstall, but if I relaunch without deleting anything it prompts this error message and refuses to let me play.


I’ve same issue and this is something you need to check in your community Folder, as when removing some entries, I didn’t get this missing mandatory package message anymore

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I’m having the same issue, did you guys have linked mods in there? like the ones by MSFS_AddonLinker?

same problem after SU7

Same problem with this new update, the one related to Game Of The Year Edition. I think I’ll have to delete the sim and reinstall it again. I’m missing the IVAO event today, and my sim was reinstalled on fresh windows 10 install 6 days ago. Thanks Asobo!

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. So far I haven’t had this problem again

Never had this problem before, after SU7 I have this screen everytime I launch the sim. Only way to solve it is to verify the files through steam, but I have to do it every single time, otherwise I’ll see that screen. Verifying files will prompt the file download screen where it will download a file (it’s to Cessna Grand Caravn, so it could be an issue linked to that airplane) after which the game will load up correctly.

Anyone came across the same issue?

Have you tried deleting the Caravan in content manager? … you can always re download it later

tried the fix mentioned by andy but I do not have the microsoft flightsim folder in app data.

Had already this before and since my game was bought on steam and I installed it on a seperate NVME drive when I try the check integrity of the files on steam I always end up with the game deleted on myu nvme and again starting from scratch

Oh ,jesus.
It works like a charm

Good to hear it’s still working … and shame on you Asobo for still not being able to fix it !

BTW After I had to do it a couple of months ago I never had to do it again.

Thanks for this! Had severe problems trying to update to SU10 and this helped me plenty (at least part of the way)! SU10 now appears to be behaving… :blush:

I don’t understand why you can program the error but not give more info to what’s missing? Seems like lazy programming to me.