Fixes happening in the background?

Anyone else feeling like some small things are being improved in the background?

For example I’ve been flying the TBM 930 a lot. Up until today, whenever I loaded this up on the runway there were 2 caution warnings - I could never find a way of getting rid of these and they didn’t seem to break anything so I just ignored them. Today, when I started up, neither of those warnings were there. I’m not aware of doing anything different. Have these been fixed?

Also I think that stability has improved - I now rarely get the CTD when switching on my xbox controller to use the drone. I now press esc to the menu while I do it and now crashing at this point is very rare. Had this been improved too?

Anyone else feeling that small glitches are being improved in the background?

Could some of this be down to server load stabilising?

Thoughts welcome


I don’t think they have released any patches or fixes yet. Unless its doing it without notifying you. I was under the impression if they released something you would see it when it does the update screen while loading.

would not be surprised… I notice things changing too. I was crashing to desktop every session. Now I am not.


There’s likely server side variables that can be changed without the need for a client update. What those are is anybody’s guess, but perhaps some world based levers that can be tweaked in some way.


I have the opposite experience. Yesterday the game worked fine, but today I’m stuck on a black screen when I try to launch the game…very frustrating!


There was a live services maintenance done last night.

Same here! I was fine since launch day and now suddenly I try to launch and it just goes to a black screen every time…

Are you guys noticing it being quicker to load into an airport after the maintenance today? Or am I just imagining…

Yes, the heading bug in the C172S now sets 1 by1 degree not 10 by 10, but this was fixed in the background more than a week ago

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Funny you mention this because today I was getting “checking for updates” during startup. Also yesterday I was getting random 5-15 seconds pauses which never happen before.

One thing I have noticed is some of the textures look dull compared to a few days ago. I also noticed more shimmering.


Got several crashes today. Never had them before.

It is possible that there’s other things like .Net and DirectX runtimes being updated through Windows Store and Windows Update.

I noticed a few the other day install when I went in to check for Updates and noticed that the next time I ran MSFS, I seemed to have a 5-7FPS increase. Could be connected, could be coincidence.

It’s so hard to tell with so many variables.

I think I remember before release someone confirming that they are able to do things in the background but I had a hard time believing it. I would think a patch and update is necessary.

Probably optimizations to the live services system. Would make a difference to the rolling cache, live AI ect.

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Suddenly I have no sound on my laptop whatsoever… I think the black screen issue is related to that. I have a brand new Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3. Think I may have to reset the whole computer and start fresh…

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I can’t imagine what is going here…

I can only think if something working on background. From yesterday I had strange problems load situations, after load situation no any init screen with yellow button, directly to flying and without upper pain with settings! This I didn’t noticed before, no Win Updates. That system of Load/Save Flight and FPL (also inside G1000/3000 as option) need to be fixed also. Without this is simply not possible to make normal flight.

Yes, I have noticed that. When clicking fly, the simulator reacts differently. I am taken to the cockpit on a taxi way instead of directly to the runway, and then presented with the option to press fly again, and then get transported to the runway. Something has certainly changed. I can no longer use video mode in the hangar as it no longer works. Charles

Same here, it seems like some things that I had repeated problems with early on that were already well-documented have either cleared or become less of a problem. I know I remember thinking that ‘maybe I was doing it wrong before and now I’m doing it right’ but I doubt that could be the case. :rofl:

Yes, definetely happening, lost my extra planes, started sim this morning, only standard edition planes available and I bought premium deluxe?! :flushed:


Now my joystick does not work even though it is recognised with default settings.