Fixes not integrated (forgotten/overriden) in SU6?

I don’t know what tools or procedures the development teams use, but what is certain is that some fixes already made have been forgotten in the SU6 :scream:.

Here is a simple evidence:

  • On the French release, there was a typo in the marketplace menu (as reported here). It’s something very simple and easy to fix.

  • Some days before the SU6 release, I noticed that this typo has been corrected (I don’t know the way, and when exactly, it has been done). The wrong text “EN VENTE” had been replaced by “PROMOTIONS”, that is by far better and understandable.
    Cool, a minor bug fixed :sunglasses: .
    Too bad, I don’t take a screen capture showing this correction.

  • After installing the SU6, I check today the marketplace menu : what a surprise!
    the wrong text “EN VENTE” is back !!! :flushed:

So, it look like the SU6 has overidden the previous patch and produces a regression.
May be someone has forgotten to make a “commit”, or this patch has not been integrated in the SU6 package. But sure, there is something missing.

I only hope, these are the only previous fixes which got overwritten by following updates. :hushed: