Flaps and Avionics quit working

Need help with the MSFS. My problems started after the first big update to the program. After that, when I try to fly the 172 (analog glass instruments), the flaps quit working after 5 minutes or so. With the 172 1000G, the avionics and the flaps quit working after 5 minutes or so. The digital instrument panel also quits working no matter what airplane I try to fly. I have made sure that the battery is on and the avionics are on. When the flaps/avionics stop working, I switch to the external camera. On that view the flaps indicator does move up or down, but the flaps on the plane do not move at all.

I used to have a CH Yoke and Rudder Pedals when all this started. I was given a suggestion to disconnect and reconnect the Yoke. That, unfortunately, did not work. It was also suggested to use the Keyboard commands but that did not work either.

I now have installed a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Logitech Flight Rudder Pedals. I also use a Saitek X52 Pro for engine thrust. As far as I can tell, everything is set correctly with the Yoke buttons. I have buttons 5 and 6 on the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke assigned to deploy and retract the flaps. I have tried several different settings for the battery and alternator with no success either. I still cannot get the flaps and the avionics to work for more than 5 minutes. I have also re-installed the program but it did not solve the problem. Very frustrating. What am I missing. Please help

Have you checked your start switches? If they are in the Start position and not both then you will drain the battery. Also confirm the ALTERNATOR switches are on.

If you are losing electric flaps and electric gauges, chances are pretty good you are losing electric power.
Take a look at the ammeter. Charging or discharging?

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And remember that the ammeter on the steam-gauge 172 is backwards…

Problem solved. How much a little detail can derail the whole experience. Thank you very much.

What was the final fix? Other encountering the problem may be interested.

I was asked if I had checked my start switches? If they were in the Start position and not both, then I was probably draining the batter. As soon as I turned the switch to both, the avionics came right back and my flaps started working again. Something simple that I did not figure out.

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Look to the bottom of the linked post. You will see a check box for “Solution” Please click.

Being new to this, I looked at each of the posts to try to find the “linked post” with a a check box. Haven’t seen a Solution check box on any of them - not my own description of the solution, nor the solution posted by you. There are boxes for share, bookmark and reply to topic, but nothing says solution. Thanks so much for your help.