Flaps and spoilers extended after going to menu

Since the latest patch each time I go to the menu and then back to the sim the flaps and spoilers are fully extended. This seems to affect all planes, at least the ones I‘ve checked. It’s not such a big deal but annyoing nonetheless. Does anybody have the same issue or is it only me?

I observed the same thing.
It happens all the time and with every aircraft.
-> Spoliers and Flaps are extended after resuming the actual game

I don’t believe I’ve experienced this… but I’ve experienced the engines shutting off on the CJ4 and Longitude after Escape to the menu / pause.

Please look here:

If you have the Airbus Stick and Throttles, delete the assignment of the joystick L-Ache Z and joystick R-Ache on the TCA Q-ENG 1&2. This worked for me.


That did the trick. Thanks a lot!

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